May 20, 2008

Sitting, Waiting, Wishing

Oh, the joys of being at home. 
It's almost like a culture shock, coming from school to home. 
Right now, I'm (Erika) in a transition mode. Just got done with school, but my summer doesn't really start until Thursday when I head down to South Carolina to spend the summer with my dad. So, basically since school got out, I've done a whole lotta nothing. It's been great... but I'm already starting to get antsy. I'm tired of just sitting around my house. It probably doesn't help that my friends (that live relatively close to me) are all out of the country, either. Jessica's in/on her way to South Korea. Kate's in Australia. Erin's in/on her way to Uganda. Man. Makes my life seem kind of dull. 

But it's really not. When you live in a house with 3 younger siblings, life is never dull. For those of you that don't know, I have 2 younger brothers - Daniel and Timmy - who are 15 and 10. Timmy plays the drums. So, I can quite often hear him practicing. And Daniel is my sports-watching buddy. Last night we had to watch the Red Wings game on a teeny sample channel cause we don't get the real channel that it was on. Lame, I know. But, hey! They won, so it's all good in the hood. :) And I have one younger sister - Rebekah - who is 7. The picture is one of us a year or 2 ago in Colorado. Between Timmy and Rebekah, if there aren't drums or piano (Bekah's a pianist in the making) being played, the Disney Channel is on. If you ever want to know anything about Hannah Montana, The Suite Life of Zack and Cody, Wizards of Waverly Place, or any other Disney Channel show, I'm definitely the person to ask. 

I have also developed recently into a fan of Spongebob Squarepants. It's hilarious. I used to think it was the dumbest show ever. Which, it still kind of is. But funny dumb. It's spectacular. :) Daniel and I have been watching that together lately. In one of the episodes I recently watched, a truck that was hauling whoopie cushions crashed and whoopie cushions were all over the road. No matter where Spongebob walked, he made a farting noise. HAH! So funny. Does that make me lame for thinking that's funny? Possibly. But I'm ok w/ that. 

In other news, I got the brakes fixed on my car, and it cost $100 less than I originally thought. yessss. Life is good. :)


andrew said...

It's good that you're enjoying your time with your family before you leave.

And you thought Spongebob was dumb? Yeah right.

And I have SO many questions about Hannah Montana. NOT!

Anonymous said...

SC sounds nice. I bet it's even warm there! I'll be stuck in the 40 degree summer of Spring Arbor alllll summer.

GO WINGS! We'll take the Cup in four, son!

Anonymous said...

im not a different country