May 30, 2008

Walk the Line

That's right. Today, I (Jessica) walked the line.

And then I crossed it.

Right into North Korea.

I have been to North Korea. Whoa.

It was pretty sweet. We went to the DMZ today and got to look into North Korea. We had to sign wavers and promise not to make any sudden movements or gesture at the North Korean guards or we could get shot. It was kind of scary, but a once in a lifetime experience.

And then I went under South Korea.

North Korea built some tunnels to invade SK, but they got caught, and we got to go down into a tunnel that SK built to see how close they came to invading.

This was also a once in a lifetime experience, because I will NEVER do that again. The walkway going down into the tunnel was like a vertical climb and I almost passed out because there was like no oxygen at all. Had we done this at the beginning of the trip, I think I'd still be walking up that stupid walkway. It definitely has put all of our walking into perspective. And the tunnel was pretty sweet, but I'd never do that walk again. I don't even care if you call me a weak. I'd like to see all of you haters try to walk that and not die. For all of you who are sympathetic, I love you forever and ever.

That's pretty much it for now. I'm going into the country for a couple days, so you won't hear from me for a while, but as of today, we're half way through our trip. I'm having a good time, but I am excited to come home and eat chocolate chip cookies, because they don't have those here.

Oh. And I saw the Dead Sea Scrolls. Not to brag or anything, but I did. And it was AWESOME.

And yeah. I am bragging. And I'm not even sorry about it.

May 26, 2008

Here Comes the Bride


Scarlet got married over here in South Korea. To the Pope.


But we went to a performance called "Nanta" ( and they picked her to go up on stage and fake married her to this old guy and she didn't think it was very funny.

But Nanta was FANTASTIC!! It's like Stomp, but way sweeter, because there's percussion, dancing, fire, cooking (yes. they were actually cooking the whole time. Nanta means 'Cookin'"), a love triangle, audience participation (Scarlet and Kris got to go up on stage), and almost no talking. It was pretty much the best thing I've seen in my entire life. Even better than seeing Beauty and the Beast in Disney World.

Yeah. I know.

They come to all 50 states, so if they ever come to Michigan, I'm sooo there again.


Earlier in the day, we went on a scavenger hunt throughout Seoul and I think I walked about 50 miles. My calves are rock hard. I'm not even exaggerating. Seoul is right in the middle of a mountain, so no amount of training could have prepared me for these hills. Except maybe the stairs in the Polling Center.

We ended up being really tired of walking, so we went and ate at Outback for a really long time, riding out our time limit for the hunt. We are that cool.

And then after that, we went to Nanta, went out for ice cream, and the girls had a good, old fashioned slumber party. We're finally used to the time change.

Of course, being that we're used to the time change, this morning, when I turned off the alarm, I asked all the other girls if they heard it, and when no one responded, I reset the clock. Not the alarm. The clock.

My bad.

We wondered how we were all running 1/2 hour late :)

That's pretty much it. Today, we go to the Bank of Korea (the equivalent of the US mint) and the American Embassy. Hopefully we get some free time, because I am TIRED!

And hopefully, we'll get more American food. No offense to SK, but I'm sick of kim-chi and rice. Give me some pizza, please.

P.S. I saw Indiana Jones too, and I agree with Erika.
P.S.S. Sorry to hear about your fish Erika. I hope that you gave him a proper funeral.
P.S.S.S. I always can read your mind, Andrew. Don't even try to test me.

May 25, 2008

Night Drive

Ok. I know it's been a long time coming. Here Jessica's all the way in South Korea and she has time to write blogs, and I'm still in the good ol' United States and haven't written one in a while. I have no excuse really... other than my dad's computer is significantly slower than my computer in Howell. Frustrating.

Anyways. In case you didn't know, I am in South Carolina! Woo!
And this blog was supposed to happen shortly after I drove down here - hence the name "Night Drive." And that's exactly what it turned into. My stepmom flew up to MI so that she could drive down with me, so I wasn't all by my lonesome for 12 hours. Aaww. So nice, I know. But because of that, we didn't get out of MI until about noon. Which means we hit Cincinatti during rush hour. Let me tell you - that is not fun. I drove that stretch of the drive. But it all worked out for me in the end. Cause that left Diane driving through the mountains after midnight. :) Yesss.

My life here has been relatively uneventful. Other than a few notable occurances:

1. The Wings totally KILLED in game one!! (4-0 for you ignorant people who didn't know... it really should have been 5-0. They stole another goal b/c of Holmstrom being awesome at what he does)
2. I saw Indiana Jones. And it was ok. Definitely can't compare it to the originals, though.
3. The weather is BEAutiful!
4. My fish, Jordet died. :( It was a sad day. But he lived a good, looong life.
5. The Pistons. . . well, there's still hope.
6. I am currently in Kevin Garnett's home town. If we were playing any other team right now, that'd be pretty sweet. :)

And, yeah. I think that's about it for now!
Peace out!

Big Pimpin'

Hey everybody!

I'm (Jessica) still in Seoul and it's pretty sweet, yet totally crazy.

The one thing that stuck out to me was the subway ride, so that's what I'm talking about today :)

I was sitting next to this guy on the subway and saw that he was reading an economics book in english, so we started talking, being I've taken econ and am a business major (I know, I'm a NERD!). Turns out, he was reading the book for fun - he graduated college and was an econ major, but is now working in finance as a banker.

Half way through our talk, this is what happens:

South Korean Guy: I'm sorry!
Me: Huh?
SKG: I'm not used to talking to beautiful ladies.
Me: "Laughs uncomfortably"
SKG: Five minutes ago, I was ok, and then you started talking to me and it got hot and now I'm all sweaty. Is it hot in here? Is the cooling system down?
Me: It is pretty hot. Don't worry about it.

Our conversation went on, but that part pretty much made my day.

Thats what I get for talking to a Korean guy that I don't know.

And no, Andrew. I did not, nor will I, tap that.

May 23, 2008

It's Getting Hot in Herre

First of all, I spelled "herre" wrong, but that's the way that it's spelled in Nelly's song. In case you didn't notice, all of our blog titles are songs. It's a theme, and it's cool.

It's been 4 days since I've (Jessica) been in Seoul, and it's HOOOOTTT and muggy. With all the walking, it's pretty much the worst.

Here's what's happened so far and/or things that I've noticed while being here:

- I got sick on the first day :( it sucked. and then our leader got sick. and then jared. then lanaya. it's pretty much an epidemic.
- We're celebrities. Everyone wants pictures with us. And by us, I mean mostly Kris Rose. He's one hot guy over here in Korea
- Men like to have man bags and mullets. whoa.
- There is no litter on the streets. Or garbage cans. Weird
- All women wear heels or flats. They are very fashionable and make me feel like a scrub.
- Women wear gloves or use umbrellas to keep the sun rays off of them - they want to be whiter
- A lot of women walk around holding hands or have their arms linked, but men don't touch.

There's more, but I'm almost out of time, so I'm gonna sign off for now.

P.S. Pardon my french, but I'm just quoting here. When the Koreans were getting pictures with us, they all wanted pictures with Walter and our group leader said "This may sound bad, but this is the only country in the world where people think Walter is a badass." HA!

May 20, 2008

Sitting, Waiting, Wishing

Oh, the joys of being at home. 
It's almost like a culture shock, coming from school to home. 
Right now, I'm (Erika) in a transition mode. Just got done with school, but my summer doesn't really start until Thursday when I head down to South Carolina to spend the summer with my dad. So, basically since school got out, I've done a whole lotta nothing. It's been great... but I'm already starting to get antsy. I'm tired of just sitting around my house. It probably doesn't help that my friends (that live relatively close to me) are all out of the country, either. Jessica's in/on her way to South Korea. Kate's in Australia. Erin's in/on her way to Uganda. Man. Makes my life seem kind of dull. 

But it's really not. When you live in a house with 3 younger siblings, life is never dull. For those of you that don't know, I have 2 younger brothers - Daniel and Timmy - who are 15 and 10. Timmy plays the drums. So, I can quite often hear him practicing. And Daniel is my sports-watching buddy. Last night we had to watch the Red Wings game on a teeny sample channel cause we don't get the real channel that it was on. Lame, I know. But, hey! They won, so it's all good in the hood. :) And I have one younger sister - Rebekah - who is 7. The picture is one of us a year or 2 ago in Colorado. Between Timmy and Rebekah, if there aren't drums or piano (Bekah's a pianist in the making) being played, the Disney Channel is on. If you ever want to know anything about Hannah Montana, The Suite Life of Zack and Cody, Wizards of Waverly Place, or any other Disney Channel show, I'm definitely the person to ask. 

I have also developed recently into a fan of Spongebob Squarepants. It's hilarious. I used to think it was the dumbest show ever. Which, it still kind of is. But funny dumb. It's spectacular. :) Daniel and I have been watching that together lately. In one of the episodes I recently watched, a truck that was hauling whoopie cushions crashed and whoopie cushions were all over the road. No matter where Spongebob walked, he made a farting noise. HAH! So funny. Does that make me lame for thinking that's funny? Possibly. But I'm ok w/ that. 

In other news, I got the brakes fixed on my car, and it cost $100 less than I originally thought. yessss. Life is good. :)

A Thousand Miles

More like 15,000 miles. 15,000 miles worth of Frequent Flier points. Excellent.

I (Jessica) am on my way to South Korea right now for my cross cultural and I'm
really starting to get excited. South Korea is the size of Indiana but has some of the most technological cities on the planet. Tomorrow, this is where I'll be - 13 hours ahead of Michigan and in Seoul (pronounced "Soul"). I even get to fly over the North Pole which is what is what is super exciting!


I am excited for an intense tournament of tic-tac-toe with Andrew. For the entire 13 hour plane ride. You may laugh now, but you don't know if I'm kidding.

Here are some of the things that we get to visit:

US Embassy

DMZ Tour

American Military

Yoido Full Gospel Church

Bank of Korea

Palaces & Shrines

“Hagwon” schools

Methodist Theological University

Korea House

“Blue House” (The Korean equivalent of The White House)

Government Offices

Gates & Parks

Manna Methodist Church



Centennial Christian School

Media Outlets

Lotte World

Korean Cinema (Some are 21 stories high!)

Pulguksa Temple

Sokkuram (Cave of the Buddha)

Tumuli Park

Anapchi Pond

Haeinsa Temple

Tripitaka Koreana

Gaya Mountains

Sooyoungro Church

APEC Center

Haeundae Beach

Nampo-dong Market

Modern History Museum

Sporting Event
Dong-Eui University

If that's at all overwhelming for you, you can imagine how I feel. And don't ask me what some of this stuff is. I have no clue. I talked a lot during class. Actually, that's more like Andrew made me laugh a lot (and for those of you who know me, I'm serious. A lot.). Ironic that we were the ones chosen to be student leaders on this trip, huh?

So, to wrap it up, I don't know how often I'll be around to write in the blog for the next month or so. As soon as I get back from South Korea (June 10), I'll be leaving for Aruba with my family until the June 20, just in time for Justin's wedding.

I didn't even plan that.

May 19, 2008

Fly Me to the Moon

I'm (Jessica) not really flying to the moon.

But it's close.
Not really, but in 12 hours, I'm going to be on a flight to Atlanta which then connects to my flight to South Korea.


I thought that the semester went fast, but this trip is coming even faster. It's hard to believe that I'm going to be in South Korea so soon.

I don't know if I'll be able to blog much in South Korea, but Kris is going to be blogging the whole time for SAU. We have a link listed on the side of our blog to Kris' blog, so to keep updated with me, go to his blog.

Or go to this (

Just don't make it too hard on yourself.

May 16, 2008

Love and Memories

80 Reasons why we love our life at SAU (strictly, this year and not really in any order):

1. Homecoming Dance
2. Arbor Games (Hairspray is the best for sure)
3. Jessica was on Homecoming Court (8 votes)
4. Grizzly Man ("That there bear was full of people.")
5. Mattress Surfing down the stairs of Village E
6. BFFWNC (Little Miss and Misters...)
7. Superbowl Party (Ian sleep talking)
8. Kate's suprise party (A dingo ate your baby, mate!)
9. Tennis (watching and playing. mostly watching)
10. Blue Gnoo (We fooled soooo many people)
11. Pizza Buffet (wait for it...)
12. Lunches with Justin Slager
13. Relay for Life (Pablo was kidnapped, but we got him back)
14. Tigers game (11 runs in one inning!!)
15. Lunches with Justin Slager and Cody (aka Stinkbomb 3000)
16. Hollywood Squares (Jessica won a gas card!)
17. Winning our Advertising Project (twice, suckas!)
18. Scene It tourneys (The Toys Are Back in Town...)
19. Floor Hockey Championship Runner Ups (Jessica = 13 goals. Erika and Kate were the best defense EVER!!)
20. Blow Out Bash (no injuries this year. yes.)
21. IRON MAN!!! (we're not kidding. It was a GRREAT movie).
22. The end of the writer's strike for our favorite TV shows
23. Mental breakdowns (they ended in laughter. Don't worry.)
24. Victory over Brian and Zack in Office Trivia (yeah. we won't let that one go)
25. America's Next Top Model (We. Are. Cool.)
26. Bingo Night (Jessica won. Again.)
27. Lip Sync (Justin, JD, and Jon totally got robbed - as did Brian and Nate - there's your shout-out, brian :D )
28. Hi ho
29. Fondue Party
30. Office/Friends/Psych/Heroes/Project Runway marathons (Yeah. We don't know how we got anything done either)
31. Thousand Foot Crutch Concert (one word. Jessie.)
32. Dinner parties with Kris, Andrew, Justin, and JD (Always having trouble w/the oven)
33. Chinese/Taco Bell/McDonald's/Pizza/Cougar Den Runs
34. Applebees Birthdays (Matt and Jake. Enough said)
35. Small group (you know who you are)
36. Open hour rounds (bringing "gifts" to Justin)
37. Being Heroes (
38. Joe Freshman (
39. Nail polish and M&M spills
40. The lists and 11
41. Ian licking a pile of salt
42. Going to free movies on Saturday morning (Shrek the Third, Surf's Up)
43. 7-11 runs and sparkling juice
44. Village Christmas
45. Goodwill (Dancing Grannies, bowling balls, and keys locked in the car)
46. Andrew's dreams and poems
47. Dan in Real Life (that was a love/hate experience - loved the movie, hated the people behind us)
48. UGuide training
49. Erika getting into the art show both semesters
50. Making fun of Andrew Baden (it really does make our lives complete)
51. Justin Slager (he makes our lives better, it's true)
52. Slumber Parties (You do NOT need plastic surgery on your heart)
53. Ice cream, cookies, tacos, popcorn chicken in the DC
54. Sharing wardrobes
55. Being Ramboed
56. David Blaine Street Magic (cheeeeeeeze-itz!!!)
57. JD VanAwesome and the All Stars (
58. Ramen Noodle
59. Listening to "See You Again" by Miley Cyrus with Andrew (
60. Drive-in movie on the soccer field
61. Facebooking
62. "Watching" Cool Runnings with Andrew and Ian
63. Brian and Dave inventing games involving apples and forks
64. Mario Kart tourneys (and all N64 games)
65. Paparazzing
66. The Puppet Show
67. Being able to wear sunglasses and flip flops again
68. Hammer walk with Dave
69. We love the number 69. This is Kevin's (from the office) favorite number. Therefore, ours too.
70. Getting to be around our best friends all the time :)
71. Porchfest (
72. Bobbly Ball (so many black eyes, so little time)
73. Witch Hunting + the Haunted House (for Erika. not Jessica. Jessica's a pansy.)
74. Justin and Kate fighting
75. When you ask Justin for the salt, he throws it down the table like it's nothing
76. Going into Jackson with Dave
77. "You're evil like a hobbit" - Dwight K. Schrute
78. Movie nights
79. Frosty Boy trips
80. Hat Parties

Things we hated:
1. Joby Saad
2. Comedian Night
3. Joby Saad
4. Leatherheads (Yes. it really was that bad.)
5. The grease dispenser outside of the DC (smelly to the MAX)
6. Justin Slager (he's the worst)

*Disclaimer: For those of you who think that we actually think Justin's the worst, it's ok. Justin's one of our favorite people and we really don't hold any animosity toward him. But that doesn't mean he's actually not the worst. He is ;)

May 15, 2008


We had the munchies. So we decided to go to the Cougar Den. This is what we went in for:

This is what we came out with:

Gotta cash in the Cougar Cash, baby!!

May 14, 2008

We are the Champions

Girls Rule. Boys Drool.

Brian and Zack thought they could defeat us. Little did they know that they had started an epic battle. And they were about to be obliterated.

Last October/November, we made a bet. Jessica vs. Zack. Erika vs. Brian. On facebook, there is this application for the show, The Office, and you can play a trivia game on it. Being that all four of us are pretty big fans of the show, we decided to hold a contest. The original bet was to break the top 500 trivia players by the end of the month. Erika and Jessica accomplished this in a week.

So the bet changed a little. And the stakes went up. Whoever was ranked the highest by Christmas would win and the loser would buy them McDonald's.

Jessica ended up being ranked #65 and Erika #67. Zack and Brian weren't even in the 60's.

The sad thing is, for all of November/December, the application had run out of questions for Jessica and Erika, and not for Brian and Zack.

And yet, we still won.

So they had to take us to McD's. But they didn't even until last week. It just goes to show who the real procrastinators are.

We had a great time. And we have the pictures to prove it.

And to illustrate this point about guys not being competitive and being losers, we have this quote from Andy Bernard:

"[holding in anger after losing contest] I am okay if I lose every single contest today. Honestly. Because I see these contests as an opportunity for me to demonstrate what a good sport I am. Mallard! [throws a rock at the duck]."

Good sports. Bah.

Being winners is where it's at. As you can tell by the look of sheer disappointment with himself in the pictures of Zack and Brian.

How Far We've Come

We can't believe it. In less than a week, we're gonna be seniors. Erika's already done for the year and Jessica only has one more exam to go. And then (fingers crossed) we're gonna be seniors.

However, this is not the point of this blog. The point of this blog is registering for classes.

Not really, but because we got our schedules registered on time, we got to go to the Year End Blow Out Bash.

The Blow Out Bash is basically a party to celebrate the end of the year with pizza, prizes, live music, and inflatables. We even got to hear JD VanAwesome and the All Stars preform one last time.

Now, before we get too far into this blog, I know that some of you are like, "What? Have we been decieved? In the last blog, they said it was the last time they'd hear JD VanAwesome and the All Stars!!" This is true. However, if you all were actually true fans of Mr. Van Valin, you would know that every time he plays with the band, they "end" their set with "Never Return." But it doesn't really end. There's always more. So really, this was the only way we could pay tribute to JD. We had to emulate his likeness. So, thanks for trying to be smart alacks. Too bad we were prepared for that. Gotcha, suckas!

Now. On with the blog.

Andrew won finger-flingers. Huzzah! He also hit about a million people with them. Someone needs to work on his aim...

Jessica won peanuts (Gross. And then she gave them away to JD. Not because he's gross too, but because he likes peanuts), a Facing Away cd (she already has one, so she gave it to Molly to spread the joy), and two gift certificates.

There was also a nice variety of inflatables this year. Last year they had a human fooseball apparatus, but that got nixed this year because Jessica fractured her foot playing it during last year's event. (And she's only a little sorry that she spoiled the fun for everyone this year who was looking forward to that. Advice: Always wear shoes while playing human fooseball.)

There was also a bull ride, and in order to get Andrew to ride it, we had to promise Andrew that we wouldn't make fun of him for the rest of the week (it was on a Thursday, so we only had to hold out until Saturday night - when the week ENDS) or we'd owe him $0.11 for every time we slipped up. We never did. We are awesome.

So, that's pretty much it. We made a video and we hope it works for you. If not, we will probably cry. A lot. Or just go here (

Also. Please note Justin Slager's face in the video. He didn't even try to make that face. Thus, making it the best picture of him. Ever. Even better than his kindergarten school picture.

May 5, 2008


One of the cool things about nights at Spring Arbor is just kind of sitting back and watching them develop. 
For those of you that don't know, SAU has an open and closed hour policy. That means guys aren't allowed on girls floors and vice-versa except for certain times of the week. Sunday night is one of those times! Yessss. :o) Our room is always a party room. 

Tonight Austin, Andrew, Caitlynn, and Heidi came over, and after an episode of Friends, we decided to watch Home Alone 2. No, it is not a strictly Christmas movie - it's great no matter what time of year. :o) Instead of a couch or futon in front of our TV, we have a bed. The futon went home for the year. Austin, naturally, decided that it would be a good idea to watch the movie from under the bed rather than sit on it like most normal people. Jessica had quite the roller coaster ride sitting above him. 

Anyways. After the phenomenal movie, which is just as funny as the first time we watched it, Andrew and Austin got a little cozy. Hah! 

Aren't they cute? ;)

Sometimes things get out of hand. And believe it or not, we aren't even talking about the cuddle bunnies. We're talking about the fact that we've had milk in the refrigerator for 4 weeks. Gross. We know. But once it's been in the fridge for that long, there's really nothing you can do about it. At least there's nothing that we want to do about it. 

So it just kind of sits there. Growing its own ecosystem. 

And then Austin comes along. We thought out of any of our friends that he'd be the one willing to clean out our milk container for us. And guess what. He did! Cause he's the greatest and saves our lives everyday. 

It was quite the daunting task. Daunting and smelly. So Austin needed to take the proper precautions:

1. Put hood up
2. Tie hood as tight as possible - only eyes can be visible, mouth and nose must be at least partially covered at all times. 
3. Put on goggles (sunglasses will work if they are big enough - Jessica's will do fine)

And then he was ready to take on the enemy. 

He dumped the milk out (yikes), and then poured about 1/4 inch of soap into our milk container. Now, keep in mind that we have the bubbliest (Yes. All of our blog titles are relevant) soap in the world. Austin quickly discovered this as the whole sink begin to fill with suds. The more he tried to use the milk container to rinse the suds away, the more suds appeared. It was basically Suds City in our bathroom tonight. 

When you have this many suds at your disposal, there is really only one thing that can be done when they will not go down the drain - take them out of the sink. Then! you can 1. Throw them at people 2. Blow them at people or 3. Make beards with them. You get the picture. 

Peace out. 

PS - We know TJ Hensick. He went to our high school. If you don't know who he is, google him. 

PSS - If anybody has seen Jessica's keys, let us know. Cause she hasn't seen them and would like to know what they look like. ;) But for real, she lost them. 

May 3, 2008

Never Return

We say it year after year. The worst band should be thrown into the fire.

That's right. Last night was bandfire. But without the fire, due to poor weather conditions. But don't worry everyone (because I know some of you were probably contemplating suicide over finding that out), it was in the FIREside. So it's kind of ok. And they got us pizza. More than ok.

There was a screamer band led by Jake Sinkovitz (fun fact: he was also the co-host of Porchfest), an acoustic performance by Rob Vischer, and a PHENOMENAL performance by JD VanAwesome and the All-Stars.
Screamer music kind of makes us want to die a little inside, as you can tell by the look on Erika's face. No offense to Jake though. It was a fine performance. We just don't like to be yelled at.
Rob did a really good job too. His theme was about risk, mostly the kind brought about by love. His songs were kind of sad, but it's ok because he has a girlfriend, so it can't really be that bad. We're not worried about him. He did a great job. And gave us free CD's. Yes.

Then came JD. Yeeeeesssssssss.
Mark Dusseau took over for Jeff Smith, who recently moved to Indiana, so it wasn't the original All-Stars, but it was still good. We miss you though, Jeff.And speaking of Jeff, Steve Smith (yup. they're related) was on the drums and had a SWEEEEEET drum solo and also makes the BEST faces when he's drumming. He's always fun to watch.

However, this performance was slightly bittersweet, because we think it's the last time JD will ever perform with these guys. Or for SAU.

And this sucks hardcore.

He sang all of our favorites, though, and even sang a new song (Why?) which we really loved. He's really the best guy. Pretty much the opposite of Justin Slager. And speaking of Justin, JD gave us a preview of the song that he's singing at Justin's wedding. And Justin wasn't even there to enjoy it, which pretty much makes him the worst. Again.

Oh. Before we forget, we took a picture with fellow blogger, JAMES GRANT!! Shout-out!

Lastly, Andrew was bored the whole time at Bandfire. And we made fun of him. But even that didn't revive his spirits like it usually does.

On a final, totally unrelated note, we found this quote. And it makes us laugh out loud. So we thought we'd share it with you.

"We're going to send Jessica Simpson to the Democratic National Convention." - President Bush joking with the press about the star who took flak for being a jinx at boyfriend Tony Romo's Dallas Cowboy games.
We always knew George W. had it in him :)

May 2, 2008

Eighth World Wonder

Believe it or not, our blog really isn't the eight world wonder. Porchfest is.

For all of you newbies, Porchfest is kind of like a glorified variety show that is put on by Ormston, one of the oldest dorms on campus.

Porchfest is a big deal. We're not even kidding. Last year, we got in line an hour early and barely got seats. This year, we were there 1 1/2 - 2 hours early and we were only seated in the middle. Like we said, Porchfest is a big deal. Don't even judge us.

The picture above is a picture of us with our SWEEEEEET friend, Austin. He just cracks us up all the time. Phenomenal friend. Right there.

But Austin wasn't the only friend who waited in line with us. Caitlynn, Lenora, Cassy, and Andrew were there too, but somehow, we never managed to get a picture with all of here's kind of a combo. We know it's hard to comprehend, but we have faith in our readers.

So, this may sound kind of mean, but both Erika and I believe that last year's Porchfest was our favorite, but this year DEFINITELY had some pretty hi-larious moments. Erika's favorite was Erin and Ephraim cleaning up some contemporary pop songs for the Spring Arbor Campus and Kelly Ashton doing a Mad TV skit about dancing. I'm gonna say that my favorite was the Father Abraham rap. Probably because I have so many gangsta qualities. And the one boy was wearing a Rasheed Wallace jersey. Awesome. (

However, this year was quite monumental because we both got HOTDOGS this year!! We split one that they threw into the crowd freshman year, but this year, we both got to indulge. Andrew caught a perfectly wrapped hotdog for Jessica (much to the chagrin of the girl sitting behind us who kept eyeballing Jessica after she got the hotdog) and Erika got a bun. And then someone threw a hotdog (no bun) that hit Jessica, so it was perfection, because Erika's hotdog experience was now complete. Yes.

So that was pretty much Porchfest. Awesome. Also, we took this picture of a sasquatch.