May 2, 2008

Eighth World Wonder

Believe it or not, our blog really isn't the eight world wonder. Porchfest is.

For all of you newbies, Porchfest is kind of like a glorified variety show that is put on by Ormston, one of the oldest dorms on campus.

Porchfest is a big deal. We're not even kidding. Last year, we got in line an hour early and barely got seats. This year, we were there 1 1/2 - 2 hours early and we were only seated in the middle. Like we said, Porchfest is a big deal. Don't even judge us.

The picture above is a picture of us with our SWEEEEEET friend, Austin. He just cracks us up all the time. Phenomenal friend. Right there.

But Austin wasn't the only friend who waited in line with us. Caitlynn, Lenora, Cassy, and Andrew were there too, but somehow, we never managed to get a picture with all of here's kind of a combo. We know it's hard to comprehend, but we have faith in our readers.

So, this may sound kind of mean, but both Erika and I believe that last year's Porchfest was our favorite, but this year DEFINITELY had some pretty hi-larious moments. Erika's favorite was Erin and Ephraim cleaning up some contemporary pop songs for the Spring Arbor Campus and Kelly Ashton doing a Mad TV skit about dancing. I'm gonna say that my favorite was the Father Abraham rap. Probably because I have so many gangsta qualities. And the one boy was wearing a Rasheed Wallace jersey. Awesome. (

However, this year was quite monumental because we both got HOTDOGS this year!! We split one that they threw into the crowd freshman year, but this year, we both got to indulge. Andrew caught a perfectly wrapped hotdog for Jessica (much to the chagrin of the girl sitting behind us who kept eyeballing Jessica after she got the hotdog) and Erika got a bun. And then someone threw a hotdog (no bun) that hit Jessica, so it was perfection, because Erika's hotdog experience was now complete. Yes.

So that was pretty much Porchfest. Awesome. Also, we took this picture of a sasquatch.

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Andrew said...

Good post. Thanks for the shoutout.
And nice picture!!!!