May 16, 2008

Love and Memories

80 Reasons why we love our life at SAU (strictly, this year and not really in any order):

1. Homecoming Dance
2. Arbor Games (Hairspray is the best for sure)
3. Jessica was on Homecoming Court (8 votes)
4. Grizzly Man ("That there bear was full of people.")
5. Mattress Surfing down the stairs of Village E
6. BFFWNC (Little Miss and Misters...)
7. Superbowl Party (Ian sleep talking)
8. Kate's suprise party (A dingo ate your baby, mate!)
9. Tennis (watching and playing. mostly watching)
10. Blue Gnoo (We fooled soooo many people)
11. Pizza Buffet (wait for it...)
12. Lunches with Justin Slager
13. Relay for Life (Pablo was kidnapped, but we got him back)
14. Tigers game (11 runs in one inning!!)
15. Lunches with Justin Slager and Cody (aka Stinkbomb 3000)
16. Hollywood Squares (Jessica won a gas card!)
17. Winning our Advertising Project (twice, suckas!)
18. Scene It tourneys (The Toys Are Back in Town...)
19. Floor Hockey Championship Runner Ups (Jessica = 13 goals. Erika and Kate were the best defense EVER!!)
20. Blow Out Bash (no injuries this year. yes.)
21. IRON MAN!!! (we're not kidding. It was a GRREAT movie).
22. The end of the writer's strike for our favorite TV shows
23. Mental breakdowns (they ended in laughter. Don't worry.)
24. Victory over Brian and Zack in Office Trivia (yeah. we won't let that one go)
25. America's Next Top Model (We. Are. Cool.)
26. Bingo Night (Jessica won. Again.)
27. Lip Sync (Justin, JD, and Jon totally got robbed - as did Brian and Nate - there's your shout-out, brian :D )
28. Hi ho
29. Fondue Party
30. Office/Friends/Psych/Heroes/Project Runway marathons (Yeah. We don't know how we got anything done either)
31. Thousand Foot Crutch Concert (one word. Jessie.)
32. Dinner parties with Kris, Andrew, Justin, and JD (Always having trouble w/the oven)
33. Chinese/Taco Bell/McDonald's/Pizza/Cougar Den Runs
34. Applebees Birthdays (Matt and Jake. Enough said)
35. Small group (you know who you are)
36. Open hour rounds (bringing "gifts" to Justin)
37. Being Heroes (
38. Joe Freshman (
39. Nail polish and M&M spills
40. The lists and 11
41. Ian licking a pile of salt
42. Going to free movies on Saturday morning (Shrek the Third, Surf's Up)
43. 7-11 runs and sparkling juice
44. Village Christmas
45. Goodwill (Dancing Grannies, bowling balls, and keys locked in the car)
46. Andrew's dreams and poems
47. Dan in Real Life (that was a love/hate experience - loved the movie, hated the people behind us)
48. UGuide training
49. Erika getting into the art show both semesters
50. Making fun of Andrew Baden (it really does make our lives complete)
51. Justin Slager (he makes our lives better, it's true)
52. Slumber Parties (You do NOT need plastic surgery on your heart)
53. Ice cream, cookies, tacos, popcorn chicken in the DC
54. Sharing wardrobes
55. Being Ramboed
56. David Blaine Street Magic (cheeeeeeeze-itz!!!)
57. JD VanAwesome and the All Stars (
58. Ramen Noodle
59. Listening to "See You Again" by Miley Cyrus with Andrew (
60. Drive-in movie on the soccer field
61. Facebooking
62. "Watching" Cool Runnings with Andrew and Ian
63. Brian and Dave inventing games involving apples and forks
64. Mario Kart tourneys (and all N64 games)
65. Paparazzing
66. The Puppet Show
67. Being able to wear sunglasses and flip flops again
68. Hammer walk with Dave
69. We love the number 69. This is Kevin's (from the office) favorite number. Therefore, ours too.
70. Getting to be around our best friends all the time :)
71. Porchfest (
72. Bobbly Ball (so many black eyes, so little time)
73. Witch Hunting + the Haunted House (for Erika. not Jessica. Jessica's a pansy.)
74. Justin and Kate fighting
75. When you ask Justin for the salt, he throws it down the table like it's nothing
76. Going into Jackson with Dave
77. "You're evil like a hobbit" - Dwight K. Schrute
78. Movie nights
79. Frosty Boy trips
80. Hat Parties

Things we hated:
1. Joby Saad
2. Comedian Night
3. Joby Saad
4. Leatherheads (Yes. it really was that bad.)
5. The grease dispenser outside of the DC (smelly to the MAX)
6. Justin Slager (he's the worst)

*Disclaimer: For those of you who think that we actually think Justin's the worst, it's ok. Justin's one of our favorite people and we really don't hold any animosity toward him. But that doesn't mean he's actually not the worst. He is ;)


Andrew said...

It makes me happy that you included me multiple times on this list. I miss you guys already. Good thing you have a blog to keep me satisfied. You mind if I steal your idea and make a list for my own blog?

P.S. - I'm glad that my ability to be easily mocked completes your life.

Anonymous said...

Agree- Slager is the worst. Good thing HE'S NEVER COMING BACK.

JK, he'll probably be at the White House (Schaible/Meagher residence) multiple times next year. So, we'll never be fully free of him.

kate.yo said...

grizzly man changed my life. matt and jake i will be their wife. plastic surgery, put me under the knife. ramen noodles are more rad than barney fife.
it wasn't supposed to be a poem originally, it just happened.

Brian said...

i just realized that i spent the longest amount of time ever reading a blog post, and it was for this.
although i have to agree with you that while i did share many of those memories with you, i think you got #27 wrong, in that you said jon, jd, and justin, and not brian and nate. that was by far better, and more choreographed than theirs, as well as it being a kid-friendly show. suck it, justin timberlake.

Anonymous said...