May 5, 2008


One of the cool things about nights at Spring Arbor is just kind of sitting back and watching them develop. 
For those of you that don't know, SAU has an open and closed hour policy. That means guys aren't allowed on girls floors and vice-versa except for certain times of the week. Sunday night is one of those times! Yessss. :o) Our room is always a party room. 

Tonight Austin, Andrew, Caitlynn, and Heidi came over, and after an episode of Friends, we decided to watch Home Alone 2. No, it is not a strictly Christmas movie - it's great no matter what time of year. :o) Instead of a couch or futon in front of our TV, we have a bed. The futon went home for the year. Austin, naturally, decided that it would be a good idea to watch the movie from under the bed rather than sit on it like most normal people. Jessica had quite the roller coaster ride sitting above him. 

Anyways. After the phenomenal movie, which is just as funny as the first time we watched it, Andrew and Austin got a little cozy. Hah! 

Aren't they cute? ;)

Sometimes things get out of hand. And believe it or not, we aren't even talking about the cuddle bunnies. We're talking about the fact that we've had milk in the refrigerator for 4 weeks. Gross. We know. But once it's been in the fridge for that long, there's really nothing you can do about it. At least there's nothing that we want to do about it. 

So it just kind of sits there. Growing its own ecosystem. 

And then Austin comes along. We thought out of any of our friends that he'd be the one willing to clean out our milk container for us. And guess what. He did! Cause he's the greatest and saves our lives everyday. 

It was quite the daunting task. Daunting and smelly. So Austin needed to take the proper precautions:

1. Put hood up
2. Tie hood as tight as possible - only eyes can be visible, mouth and nose must be at least partially covered at all times. 
3. Put on goggles (sunglasses will work if they are big enough - Jessica's will do fine)

And then he was ready to take on the enemy. 

He dumped the milk out (yikes), and then poured about 1/4 inch of soap into our milk container. Now, keep in mind that we have the bubbliest (Yes. All of our blog titles are relevant) soap in the world. Austin quickly discovered this as the whole sink begin to fill with suds. The more he tried to use the milk container to rinse the suds away, the more suds appeared. It was basically Suds City in our bathroom tonight. 

When you have this many suds at your disposal, there is really only one thing that can be done when they will not go down the drain - take them out of the sink. Then! you can 1. Throw them at people 2. Blow them at people or 3. Make beards with them. You get the picture. 

Peace out. 

PS - We know TJ Hensick. He went to our high school. If you don't know who he is, google him. 

PSS - If anybody has seen Jessica's keys, let us know. Cause she hasn't seen them and would like to know what they look like. ;) But for real, she lost them. 


Andrew said...

TJ Hensick. YES!
And I laughed hysterically at the PSS. I thought it was sooooo funny.

Anonymous said...

You should dump stuff like spoiled milk down the toilet, not the sink. The sink will have the potential to keep smelling. :(

Anonymous said...

You had spoiled milk beards on your face? Ewwww

Anonymous said...

The scientist in me really wants to know what that milk looked like. Seriously.