Feb 23, 2010


*Disclaimer: I [Erika] just logged on to our blogger account after many many months of neglect and found this unpublished blog. The information is therefore a little old, but good nonetheless, so I decided to post it. :)

It has recently been brought to my [Erika's] attention just how neglected our poor little blog has been in the past months. [Thank you, James].

So this is me trying to be good again. And update you on my life.

I am still working at Blockbuster and as a dental assistant. Both jobs are going swimmingly. It's fine for now as I search for something more related to my field of study. And as I live at home. And as I chip away at the massive amount of student debt I have accumulated over the past four years.

First item of business: Blockbuster.

Things are going fine. There really isn't much to tell here. I really like all the people I work with which really is one of the most important things [in my opinion] to have in a job.

Though, I have learned that I need to be more tactful when turning people down. A while back, a guy asked for my number. My response wasn't, "No, I'm sorry I have a boyfriend." [even though that would be a lie, it does help to sugarcoat it.] Nor was my response, "No, I'm sorry, I don't date strangers." No. This was my reponse: "No. I'm sorry." That's it. No reason why. Just "No." I felt bad afterwards. Also. He used to be a regular. I haven't seen him since. Sorry, Blockbuster.

Also. A couple weeks ago, I was given my very first cheesy pick-up line. Before I tell you what it was, you should know that he was both totally serious. And totally sober. It was a guy who was trying to sell me coupons. After listening to his [LONG] spiel, I turned to walk away, and he said to me, "I just want to let you know that you have a really pretty smile." I said, "thanks," and continued walking. He then said, "And thanks for keeping America beautiful, and I don't mean picking up the litter." Hahaha. Oh, man.

Second Item of business: Dental Assisting.

I really am enjoying being a dental assistant. Again, I really love all the people I work with. They are all SO nice. And I get to do things that I never would have thought I'd do. Ever. In my life. Remember when I was worried about doing extractions? Well, call me morbid, but now they are one of my favorite things to do. It's just so fascinating. And today, the dentist had to sew somebody up after pulling their tooth. I never thought that I would be able to have a part in sewing somebody's body back together. But I did. It was gross. But oh, so fascinating.

Third Item of Business: Living at Home.

I love my family. Sure there are times when we (and by "we," I mean my siblings) bicker, but for the most part we all get along quite well. And I have to say, my mom's home-cooked meals sure do beat what I was eating in the Dining Commons a year ago. I also have full access to a television again and can watch all the sporting events I want, with people who also watch (and enjoy) sporting events. One thing I have to say that I don't like about being home is the dirt roads. I love living in the woods (I mean today, I saw about 7 wild turkeys run through our front yard. How cool is that??). But I do not love the dust, mud, bumps and potholes that come from living on a dirt road. What can I say, though. Ya win some, ya lose some. The moral of this story, though, is: I love my family.

And that's about that for now.
Ok. Peace out.

*Disclaimer: That ends the recently discovered unpublished blog. I will try my hardest to be better. . . even though I am fairly certain we have lost many (if not all) of our readers.