May 26, 2008

Here Comes the Bride


Scarlet got married over here in South Korea. To the Pope.


But we went to a performance called "Nanta" ( and they picked her to go up on stage and fake married her to this old guy and she didn't think it was very funny.

But Nanta was FANTASTIC!! It's like Stomp, but way sweeter, because there's percussion, dancing, fire, cooking (yes. they were actually cooking the whole time. Nanta means 'Cookin'"), a love triangle, audience participation (Scarlet and Kris got to go up on stage), and almost no talking. It was pretty much the best thing I've seen in my entire life. Even better than seeing Beauty and the Beast in Disney World.

Yeah. I know.

They come to all 50 states, so if they ever come to Michigan, I'm sooo there again.


Earlier in the day, we went on a scavenger hunt throughout Seoul and I think I walked about 50 miles. My calves are rock hard. I'm not even exaggerating. Seoul is right in the middle of a mountain, so no amount of training could have prepared me for these hills. Except maybe the stairs in the Polling Center.

We ended up being really tired of walking, so we went and ate at Outback for a really long time, riding out our time limit for the hunt. We are that cool.

And then after that, we went to Nanta, went out for ice cream, and the girls had a good, old fashioned slumber party. We're finally used to the time change.

Of course, being that we're used to the time change, this morning, when I turned off the alarm, I asked all the other girls if they heard it, and when no one responded, I reset the clock. Not the alarm. The clock.

My bad.

We wondered how we were all running 1/2 hour late :)

That's pretty much it. Today, we go to the Bank of Korea (the equivalent of the US mint) and the American Embassy. Hopefully we get some free time, because I am TIRED!

And hopefully, we'll get more American food. No offense to SK, but I'm sick of kim-chi and rice. Give me some pizza, please.

P.S. I saw Indiana Jones too, and I agree with Erika.
P.S.S. Sorry to hear about your fish Erika. I hope that you gave him a proper funeral.
P.S.S.S. I always can read your mind, Andrew. Don't even try to test me.


jbvshrek904 said...

im glad to hear somebodys having a great time on their trip... nanta sounds like a sweet deal...and....i really dont think even the poling center is enough training to walking all over soul k.(yes soul) haha... well im glad ur keepin us updated!!

Andrew said...

Why are you complaining about the food? It's a cross cultural trip. Experience their culture! Geez.

And the next time I see you, I will Rambo you. See if you can read my mind then.

And Indiana Jones would've been one of the worst movies ever if it wasn't Indiana Jones.