Jul 18, 2010

All I Ever Wanted

Well, he didn't go to Jared.

But I think he did even better than that anyway.

Back story.

Adam and I try to have date days with each other at least 2x a month and Adam decided to book me for this Sunday. After a huge let down of not winning that free wedding (and much less, losing it by one point), I was really looking forward to his surprise date. With our schedules - his law school and my new full time job, it's hard to find any time together.

The day started with Adam waking me up eeeeearly and made me pancakes shaped like hearts and with J's in the middle of them. Even though he didn't measure ingredients, they were still delicious :)

Our mystery day continued when our friends started showing up at Adam's house, mainly Katie, Joe, Erika, and Kate! He then told me we were going to Cedar Point.


Now, I happen to absolutely hate Cedar Point, but since Adam had been training me since Disney to be able to stand roller coasters, I wasn't totally unwilling ;)

Our first ride was the Magnum. 1st of all, it is WAY scarier than Adam said it would be. I don't care that little kids can go on that ride. It is not made for me. Haha. 2ndly, I kept my eyes closed the entire time. And when I heard Adam tell Erika "It wasn't this one," I closed them even MORE because I was afraid they were talking about more drops.


After we got off the ride, we followed the line to view the pictures of the ride, and I knew I would look like a moron because my eyes had been closed the whole time. Katie and Joe pointed ours out to us and my jaw dropped.

I honestly thought it was a joke.

My hands flew up to my mouth and I probably said "What?!?" about 3 times and as I turned to look at Adam, he was pulling out the ring and getting down on one knee.

I stared at him like an idiot saying nothing for forever until he said, "Well......?"

All I could do was nod yes :)

He got up from bended knee and I proceeded to...

Ball my eyes out.

The lady behind the counter told us we made their "happy book" and she wrote our story down. She then charged us for the photos.

This ain't Disney, folks. Where are the freebees when you need 'em? :)

So that's pretty much the story. We spent the rest of the day at the park while the sun beat down on us incessantly. After the park, we saw Despicable Me (GREATNESS), met Erin and Matt for dinner and now I'm here writing this story, super thankful for my new FIANCE who was not only wonderful enough to plan this amazing day for me, but was wonderful enough to invite my friends to enjoy it with us :)

I can't wait to spend the rest of my life with him and to become Jessica O'Neil :)