May 14, 2008

How Far We've Come

We can't believe it. In less than a week, we're gonna be seniors. Erika's already done for the year and Jessica only has one more exam to go. And then (fingers crossed) we're gonna be seniors.

However, this is not the point of this blog. The point of this blog is registering for classes.

Not really, but because we got our schedules registered on time, we got to go to the Year End Blow Out Bash.

The Blow Out Bash is basically a party to celebrate the end of the year with pizza, prizes, live music, and inflatables. We even got to hear JD VanAwesome and the All Stars preform one last time.

Now, before we get too far into this blog, I know that some of you are like, "What? Have we been decieved? In the last blog, they said it was the last time they'd hear JD VanAwesome and the All Stars!!" This is true. However, if you all were actually true fans of Mr. Van Valin, you would know that every time he plays with the band, they "end" their set with "Never Return." But it doesn't really end. There's always more. So really, this was the only way we could pay tribute to JD. We had to emulate his likeness. So, thanks for trying to be smart alacks. Too bad we were prepared for that. Gotcha, suckas!

Now. On with the blog.

Andrew won finger-flingers. Huzzah! He also hit about a million people with them. Someone needs to work on his aim...

Jessica won peanuts (Gross. And then she gave them away to JD. Not because he's gross too, but because he likes peanuts), a Facing Away cd (she already has one, so she gave it to Molly to spread the joy), and two gift certificates.

There was also a nice variety of inflatables this year. Last year they had a human fooseball apparatus, but that got nixed this year because Jessica fractured her foot playing it during last year's event. (And she's only a little sorry that she spoiled the fun for everyone this year who was looking forward to that. Advice: Always wear shoes while playing human fooseball.)

There was also a bull ride, and in order to get Andrew to ride it, we had to promise Andrew that we wouldn't make fun of him for the rest of the week (it was on a Thursday, so we only had to hold out until Saturday night - when the week ENDS) or we'd owe him $0.11 for every time we slipped up. We never did. We are awesome.

So, that's pretty much it. We made a video and we hope it works for you. If not, we will probably cry. A lot. Or just go here (

Also. Please note Justin Slager's face in the video. He didn't even try to make that face. Thus, making it the best picture of him. Ever. Even better than his kindergarten school picture.


Andrew said...

I've been waiting for a new post for an eternity!!! Good job. Any post that mentions the awesomeness of JD is a great one.
And just so you know, you guys make my day, every day.

Anonymous said...

However, this performance was slightly bittersweet, because we think it's the last time JD will ever perform with these guys. Or for SAU.

who was right???