Oct 2, 2009


I know, I know.
It's been about a billion years since I [Erika] posted. And for that, I'm sorry. But man oh man. My life has been crrrazy lately. I have to remind myself to breathe...

For those of you who don't know, I got a job as a dental assistant. And no, you're not crazy if you think that is not what I went to school for. I was, in fact a Graphic Design major. But as it turns out, you don't have to have any schooling to be a dental assistant. Don't worry. I'm not the one doing the cleaning. That's the hygenist. I'm just basically the person helping the dentist when he needs his instruments for fillings, crowns, root canals, and yes, extractions.

How did I land this job, you may ask? Well. Let me tell you. Over the summer, I was house/dog-sitting for a family that goes to Timmy and Rebekah's school. The dad is a dentist. Towards the end of the summer, he called me one day, and I assumed it was to tell me that they were going up north again and needed me to watch their doggies. But oh, no. He says to me, "I know this wasn't you're major or anything, but I was wondering if you wanted to be my dental assistant." After the initial shock, I said yes and the rest is history.

I have to say I was rather nervous about doing my first extraction. For those of you who don't know, passing out runs in the family. For my mom, it's the sight of blood. For my brother, it's needles. For my sister it's... well, she almost passed out when my mom had to "pop" one of her blisters. For me, it's always been broken bones. I broke my toe and almost passed out. Not from the pain, but just the thought of a broken bone being in my body. I jammed my finger. Passed out. Diane almost broke her finger, I got woozy. So! Since pulling a tooth can be compared to breaking a bone, I was nervous that I would get in there, he'd pull the tooth, and I'd hit the floor. Not good. But. As it turns out, I survived. The first one I did was about a week or so ago, and it went fine. I mean, it was pretty gross. He had to kind of dig around in her gums to get all of the roots. I had to smack the hole with the suction thing to suck up all the blood, which there was a lot of. My mom wouldn't have been able to handle it. Yuck. But! I didn't even feel woozy. Yes!

I am also still working at Blockbuster. And totally rockin' it out, if I do say so myself.

And when I'm not working at one of those 2 places, I'm finally working on my final class. Let me tell you, it was a trick getting registered for that darn class. Stupid money. Or lack thereof.

Also. In other news. Most of you know [if you read my past posts] that my computer conked out on me this summer. It has been dead since.... oh, I want to say... end of May, beginning of June. Something like that. My very best good friend Jessica had the marvelous idea of taking it in to the computer repair center at SAU. I did that last week, and the initial diagnosis didn't look good. He said that he wasn't sure if he could save my files.


There go my 5,000 pictures [that's only a slight exagerration]. There go my 2,000 songs. There go all the papers and such that I wrote [ok, I wasn't too broken hearted about that]. Thank goodness I had all my art work backed up. I still had hope that they all could be saved, though.

Then a couple days later, I got a call from the tech center and he said that he wasn't able to save any of the files.

Oh no.

I was devastated. He had left a voicemail wondering what I wanted him to do next. If I wanted him to go ahead with the reboot and lose all my files or if I wanted to take it someplace else. I called back, hoping to get more of an explanation before I made a decision. And that is when he told me that he WAS able to save my files!!


He went ahead with the reboot, and to curtail this story, I am now typing this blog on MY computer with a software updated and all. For only $50.

There are a couple morals to this story. First and foremost: back up your files! Second, if you are still a student at SAU, take any broken computer to the tech center. Cause they are the best. If I took my computer to the Apple store or Best Buy geek squad, I would have had to pay $60 for them to even look at my computer. Lame.

Ok. Last item of business. [I know this is a long one, but it's been so long in coming, you had to expect a long, rambling blog from me :)].
I don't know how many of you may have heard, but alas, my soulmate Jiri Hudler is no longer a Red Wing. :( I know. So sad. Happy Hudler will be missed. So this means that I need a new soulmate from the Wings, and I know that you are all anxious to know who I will pick.
My new Red Wings soulmate is.... *insert drumroll here* .... Darren Helm!

I mean, c'mon. How can I NOT fall in love with that?? I also love it when the announcer says that the Detroit crowd is "knowledgeable." Yeah. We know our hockey.

Okie dokes. I think that's about it for me. We are going to FLORIDA on Monday, and I'm sure there will be a few blogs sharing that joyous occasion.

Ok, peace out.

Sep 30, 2009

Gives You Hell

I never thought one of my days at Disney could ever trump the horrible awfulness of my days in strollers, but I was wrong.

So wrong.

Yesterday, my dad came into town on business so Megan and I picked him up from Downtown Orlando so that we could go to T-Rex for dinner. This was all well and good, but as my dad was driving, he noticed that another light on my dashboard came on. Previously, it had just been the "ETS off" and "Check Engine" lights, but now the battery light was on. We decided to bring the car in Wednesday to get it looked at.

After dropping my dad off, the seatbelt light and ABS light come on. Megan and I are now five minutes away from home, and the airbag light and check fluid light come on. I'm in panic mode and am starting to come frightening close to Cuss-ville USA. We approach a stoplight and all of the lights go off.


And then my car turns off. Completely and totally.

So Meg and I are trying to wave people around us while we figure out what to do. A cop pulls up behind us and tells me to move.

No kidding. Really? I can't just park here?

We tell him that we're calling AAA, but he tells us to just call a friend and get a jump. Okaaaaay. We call David, but he's at a Halloween party. We call Mike, David's roommate, and he books it over and gives me a jump.

As Mike's following us home, I'm on the phone with him, and I begin to panic again, because the gas pedal is pushed all the way to the floor and my car's slowing down. He tells me to keep going, but then I lose power steering and have to pull over.

Mike then decides we'll push the car home. All two miles home.

So there we are. Mike's pushing and steering, Megan and I are pushing from behind, flip flops flailing, running pell mell. Mike complains that he just showered. Megan has to pee. Things aren't looking up.

Then a humongous bus comes and tries to run us over.

Not only does it try to run us over, it calls us in to security of the apartment complex we're passing to tell on us.


We pull over and Mike goes to talk to the security guards and they let us in. I finally call AAA and a tow truck comes to tow my car to the nearest repair shop. The tow truck man was in fact very jolly and put me in a good mood, which was a tremendously difficult feat. Dan. What a great guy. He even called me an hour after I got home to make sure I got home safe. Precious.

Anyway, we end up catching a ride home from Erica, a friend of ours and don't get home until about 12:30 am. We had left my dad around 9 pm? Something like that....and poor Megan had to be up for work around 5 am.

Suckiest day in Florida thus far.

To top it all off, I have a broken alternator, alternator belt, ruined spark plugs, and something to do with fluids that need to be flushed. You can add up the cost on your own.

Needless to say, no good.

Sep 13, 2009

A Whole New World

They're revamping my old stomping grounds of Fantasyland.  Needless to say, everyone at Disney is straight up freaking out.  Enjoy the first sneak peek :)

- Jessica

Sep 11, 2009

Don't Stop Believin'

I'm sorry that I'm the worst at this, but my (Jessica) days are rather full...it takes a lot to just sit down and actually write on the computer, you know?

First of all, there's work. Lots of it. But I do love it. As a Fairy Godmother in Training, I work on princess' hair and tell them stories about my life in the castle - how the Fairy Godmother (as in, Cinderella's) recruited me from Michigan to get me out of the cold weather. Now I live upstairs above the boutique, eat chocolate chip cookies for breakfast, and am 220 years old (You have to be at least 1,000 years old to be a real fairy godmother, so that's why we're all in training. Also, the pixie dust keeps us young looking, even if one princess did tell me I looked my age. Ouch.) Here are the 3 hairstyles:

The Fairytale (my favorite):

The Disney Diva:
The Pop Princess (the hairstyle on the left):
When I'm done working, I work out. I'm kind of in a competition, so I'm work out semi (but not really) -hardcore, even though I honestly think that David and Megan are being paid off to try to deter me from working out. Just a theory, but probably correct.

They distract me by inviting me to do stuff, like go to cast previews of parades, go out to movies, play in the parks, yada yada, yada. They are bad.

The cast preview of the Halloween parade was off the chain. For those of you who know me, you know that is a BIG deal that I liked the parade, considering the complete and utter disdain that I hold for parades in general. It was totally legit though. LOVED it.

The headless horseman totally took my breath away. It was excellent.

We went and saw "All About Steve" in the theaters and I haven't laughed that hard in a theater since "The Hangover."

Oh. My. Word.
SOO freaking hilarious.

In other news, I went to Cinderella's Castle to eat breakfast for Ebonee's birthday (the one with the tiara).

Again, off the chain. I never thought I'd be able to eat there!! Now I've been in every place in the castle that the public is allowed to go.

I know. Be jealous.

Also, Belle played with my hair and told me it was soft and beautiful. Excuse me while I go pass out for a bit from excitement :)

As always, for more pictures of my Disney adventures, click here.

Lastly, I got my first package in the mail yesterday!! Thank you, thank you, thank you!!! I totally 100% loved it :)

Speaking of love, love you all (probably...considering I don't know absolutely everyone who reads this, but I'm gonna go with it's mostly true...)


Aug 30, 2009

Begin Again

And so begin the chronicles of my (Jessica's) life at Disney:

About a week ago, I arrived back in sunny Orlando, and it's like I never left. I can still navigate around town, in the dark much less, without my GPS, and I'm a little ecstatic about that to say the least. I'm not quite as pitiful as I was last time I came down here :)

Thursday, I officially started work as a Fairy-Godmother-in-Training in Cinderella's castle!! As if all my dreams werent already coming true now, they put me in one of the world's most recognized landmarks and I get to play with hair and makeup all day long. Score. My outfit is pretty legit this time- you can actually tell that I have a feminine form, so I'm pretty psyched about that. Here's just a sneak preview...maybe someday I'll post a picture of me actually being a fairy godmother. We'll see. Or maybe we won't.

I've already spent a couple days doing princess' hair and makeup and nails. I've even gotten some tips so far...the money kind for all you smart alecks out there.

I'm rooming with a girl, Megan, that I've known since elementary school. It's been great living with her so far - she's a character attendant and I don't envy her job one bit. She has to be able to cut off character's lines and not be influenced by crying, pathetic children whose lives she's just ruined. No fun.

Speaking of no fun, David's the opposite. Last year, I came down to Disney all by my lonesome, but this year, David came down to intern as a character. It's really nice to have someone I know to go to the parks with and hang out with in my rather sparse spare time, but nonetheless, he's a barrel of laughs and we're gonna have so much fun this semester.


Also, don't worry. My love for Prince Caspian hasn't wavered in my absence.

But don't worry - I haven't forgotten about all of you. Some of the best parts of my week thus far have been talking to people, and you know who you are, from home. I really miss you guys, but thank goodness for cell phones/texting/Skype. What lifesavers.

Miss you and love you,

Aug 12, 2009

Boom, Boom, Pow

Ok. We know. We've been baaaaaad.
It's been over a month since our last blog.
But absence makes the heart grow fonder...so in reality, the time lapse in our blogs is for your betterment. You're welcome.

Buter got married. And we were there.

But first, we were there for her bachelorette party. There was Mongolian bbq, chocolate fondue fountain, chick flicks and presents. Scandalous, I know.

A week later, she got married, like we alluded to just a paragraph before.

I (Jessica) was fortunate enough to be asked to be Buterface's maid of honor, and Erika, Kate, and Adam made it up the day after to join me for the wedding.

It was a super classy and we were so happy to see one of our best friends get married.

And Erin's niece and nephew were SO cute walking down the aisle!!! They were Erika's favorite part :)

At the reception, things happened.

#1 - Adam did not dance and we were all aghast.
#2 - Boobs McGee was 26. Shocking. (note, she's the one wearing the pink dress...)

#3 - We sat with James Grant and it was great!! Holla!!
#4 - At each table, there was symbol of Erin and Matt's love - let's just say that in reference to our symbol, they'll have a great time "playing putt-putt" on their honeymoon.
#5 - Kate and Adam got closer. Not sure if I was ok with that...or that either of them were either ;)
#6 - Erin and Matt made out a lot. Gross.
#7 - They played Boom, Boom, Pow, Low, and Gimme More all at our request, though they tried to put up a fight.

And that's that.

We also got together with Jamar and Alison and Kate a couple days after the wedding and were able to hang out and have dinner and smell a guy who had used waaaaay too much cologne. Yikes.

That's pretty much it on our end. Well, almost. I started writing a book for Kate and Erika and it's sooooo good (aka, pretty cheesy, but intriguing), that I'll probably post a couple chapters at a time on my blog, hopefully get noticed by someone who wants to make it into a real book (and a movie to boot) and live happily ever after.

Get excited.

Love always,
Jessica and Erika

P.S. If you want to see more pictures from Buter's party and wedding, click here to see more.

Jul 14, 2009

Beat It

So, I [Erika] think the time has come to update you all on my life.... although, I'm not so sure there is much to update really. But. I'll tell ya what I know.

I think the first order of business is to say that the Red Wings broke my heart this year, and there is nothing more that I am going to say about that. It's hard for me to even write that much. Pathetic? Maybe. But it is what it is. Also. I hate Sidney Crosby. And that is that.

Also. Due to some changes in teams this summer, I have been forced to reevaluate my soulmates on some teams. If you are unaware of my soulmate rules, check 'em out. For those of you who don't know, my Pistons soulmate - Amir Johnson is officially gone. He was traded or something. So sad. But luckily, Rodney Stuckey is still around, so he is now my new Pistons soulmate.

Things aren't looking very good for my Red Wings soulmate Jiri Hudler right now either. Who wants to play in Russia?? Apparently Hudler. I'm going to put this change on hold, though until I hear something more concrete.

Last bit of sporting news - shout out to Granderson [my Tigers soulmate], Inge [my favorite tiger - still love him despite the 0 homeruns at the homerun derby], Verlander, and Jackson for making the All-Star game.

Haha. Now that I've bored you all to sleep with my soulmate rantings, I'll tell you what's really going on in my life. :) Which really isn't much.

I finally saw Transformers 2: Revenge of the Fallen and absolutely loved it. Some day I want to own one of those Camaros. And I'm not usually one for a sports car. I like Jeeps. But man oh man. That's a good looking car. And Shia LaBeouf.
Enough said. Remember when he was Louis Stevens on Even Stevens? Haha. I do.

I'm still working at Blockbuster and haven't made too many mistakes yet. *knock on wood* And no crazy stories yet either. At least none that I'm going to put on here. ;) How's that for mystery? I also got offered a job at Old Navy, although I'm not sure I'm going to take it because I also interviewed for a job at a shoe store, and it went well. I'm hoping they offer me that job. I find out tomorrow if I got that. And just so you all know. These aren't jobs that I plan on having for a long time. Just enough to get me through the last class of mine and on my feet with some of these student loans that are going to start coming due soon. I don't aspire to be a shoe lady. :)

And I think that's about that. Sorry for the rambling, boring blog that this was. I just felt like it had been a long time since I updated... so I updated. :)

One more thing - how 'bout all these celebrity deaths? Michael Jackson [tribute to him w/ the title], Farrah Fawcett, Ed McMahon, and Billy Mays? Crazy-land.

Ok. Peace Out.

Jul 7, 2009

Beyond the Sea

Now that I'm (Jessica) half way through my trip, I feel like I can tell you about some of the "highlights."

Highlight #1 - It's not so much a highlight...just a huge part of our vacation...I'm hugely allergic to something down here...my eyes have been all irritated and allergy-y and it kind of sucks. I'm not a fan. And I've gone through a whole bottle of eye drops. Yuck. Today I've been good though - no allergy eyes. Granted, I didn't leave the room today, but still...

Highlight #2 - Putt-putt is only one of my favorite things in the world. I suck quite a bit at it, but it's always fun. And I don't care that I have bad form - it's only putt-putt...plus, I've been promised that I will be taught how to have correct form...but after the 9th hole.

Highlight #3 - Ripley's Believe It Or Not Aquarium...I really get so much joy from aquariums and zoos, which is interesting considering I hate animals and nature...but considering that I don't have to touch them, I think that makes sense as to why I love them. Also, this jellyfish picture is one of my favorite animal pics I've ever taken. I love it. Not to toot my own horn or anything...

Highlight #4 - Cirque de Chine - It's a little like Cirque de Soleil, but with Chinese people. This particular cast were the performers at the Beijing Olympics opening ceremony. Somewhere around the 1:30 mark was my favorite part of the show...

Highlight #5 - Phone calls from back home. I know I'm supposed to be getting away from home on vacation, but it's sooo good to know that I'm loved :)

Highlight #6 - I've beaten my dad 3 out of the 4 times we've played rummy this week...and when he beat me, it was by 10 points.

Peace out
- Jessica

P.S. Low light of my life? Sheed is no longer a Piston :(

My heart is breaking into a million gazillion pieces.
I loved him more than anything.

Jul 4, 2009

Fire Burning

So...I'm a horrible person.

I (Jessica) haven't blogged in a million billion years.
But thanks to Theresa, she reminded me of this, so lucky for the rest of you.

I feel like a lot has happened in my life...it's just a matter of actually remembering it...

I do remember that my parents went to AZ for a week. And being that I hate being in my house alone, Adam, Hal, Kate, and Erika were nice enough to come spend one day with me so that I wouldn't get too lonely.

And Adam actually won a game. Twice. He broke his long time losing streak against us ;)

We then watched Se7en...and I only got scared once...well, startled...I did accidentally smack Adam...it's a good thing he's tougher than I am.

The next day, I went out with Adam and Hal and Anita and we went and saw the Hangover. I laughed way more than I thought I would, and everyone loves a good laugh, so that was pretty great.

Also, Adam's winning streak went on when he and Hal taught me how to play Hand and Foot. I'm pretty sure that me and Adam slaughtered Hal and Anita....but I'm not sure, because Hal wouldn't let us count the points in the last round...but if he had, I think we would have won like one million to ten...just sayin'...I believe we also drove Hal to Cussville, USA.

Now I'm in Tennessee on family vacation, minus Jeremy who couldn't get off of work. The trip down was slightly a nightmare...it was hotter than the blazes in the back of the car being the AC wasn't working. I was rather pathetic, really...sprawled out in the back...and for some reason, I really thought the only appropriate way to talk was by whispering to conserve energy...desperate times call for desperate measures.

Also, my dad scalded something in the kitchen and filled our whole timeshare with smoke.

Lastly, I wanna say that I love my best friends so much. Especially after this past week.
And you know who you are.

- Jessica

Jun 23, 2009

Girls Just Wanna Have Fun

Diane and Kendal are up from South Carolina for a few weeks. I [Erika] was able to see them a couple weekends ago. My family has an annual kickball game [apparently... heh. This was the first I had ever heard of it]. So we went to that. And played 0 kickball. But it was nice seeing that side of the family. I hadn't seen any of them in a long time.

On the way home, Diane asked Kendal and I what we wanted to do the next time we hung out. Kendal said, "How 'bout go to Cedar Point?" expecting to get shot down. But much to our surprise, Diane said, "Ok. How about tomorrow?"


Well, to truncate this story, that's what Kendal and I did. We went to Cedar Point the very next day, and it was grand. I hadn't been since 10th grade. I had never even been on the Millennium Force. But we did it! And the Millennium is now my favorite. Followed immediately by the Maverick. Also GREAT.

The thing that freaked me out the most was the Power Tower. Heh. We went on the one that takes you up slow and then drops you. We started out and were probably about 15 feet in the air, and I already felt really high. Not a good sign when you still have about 225 feet to go. We started going up. And up. And up and up and up and up. When you finally get to the top of the darn thing, they hold you up there for about 15 agonizing seconds before they drop you. Oooiiy. But needless to say, I went on the Power Tower and lived to tell the tale. And I'm glad I did it. It was fun. :)

I think the thing that freaked Kendal out the most was the monorail thingy. Heh. She was concerned that the cables would snap. Hence her face in this picture, I think:

Then the next day, we went strawberry picking. And got about 20 pounds of straberries. It was fun. And I love strawberries, so it's good that we got so many. We're just all-stars when it comes to picking strawberries, really.

This is only about half of the strawberries that we picked.


More All-stars.

I think that's all I have to report on. I started working the register at Blockbuster and haven't messed up anybody's money yet, so that's always a good thing. :) And despite the fact that I want a job that works me more and I want to be able to work on my class more [my computer's still fried...], it has been great being at home w/ my family and eating delicious dinners made by my mommy. :)

Ok. Peace out.

PS - Yay for Steve Yzerman getting into the Hall of Fame! :)

Jun 9, 2009

Come See About Me

So. It's been one heck of a summer so far. I [Erika] don't even know where to start, really. So many things have happened. And it's all 100% weird cause I don't have school to go back to in the fall [hopefully]. But yeah, like I said. Lots of things have happened. Both good and bad. And here's a list to fill all y'all in on my life. :)

1. Tigers' game.

This has definitely been one of the highlights of the summer so far for me. Rebekah won Tigers tickets at a thing a few months ago, and let me tell you. They were GREAT seats. Rebekah and I were sitting on the 3rd baseline only about 15 rows back. Best seats I've ever had. It was spectacular despite the loss. And believe it or not, the good news doesn't end there! It was kids' day, so if you were with a kid, then you were able to go on the field w/ them as they ran the bases. So much fun. I can now say that I have been on the field at Comerica Park, ran the bases at Tigers' Stadium, thrown a football on Ford Field, and skated at the Joe Louis Arena. Palace of Auburn Hills, here I come. :)

In front of the Tigers' Dugout. Yeeaah.

My Tiger: Brandon Inge. Adam's tiger: Gene Lamont

2. Weddings galore.

As you can see from Jessica's post a few down, we went to Alyssum's wedding. And then the very next weekend we went to Andrew's wedding. They were both fun. I love dancing at weddings. :) It's my favorite part. I'm still waiting for somebody to play Boom Boom Pow, though. Buter - it's all you. As for the ceremonies, they're nice too. . . but, I don't know. It's just weird seeing so many people my age getting married. Goodness. I'm not an adult yet! Why are people my age getting married?? But. It's been great for seeing all my friends. It'll be weird not going to a wedding this coming weekend.

They are on their way to win their 2nd cup in 2 years. And I love that it is agains the babies of the NHL - Malkin and Crosby. Good gracious. Do I hate them! My hatred for Crosby rivals that of Barry Bonds and Kobe Bryant. And if you know me and my position on these people, you know that is saying something. But... *sigh* Zetterberg, Lidstrom, Datsyuk (welcome back, you were missed), Franzen, Maltby, Abdelkader (Who'd ever heard of this guy??), Osgood, Draper, Helm, Rafalski, Cleary, Filpulla, Hudler, Homstrom, Hossa, Kronwall, Samuelson, and any other Wing I might have missed, you all hold my heart. Thanks for being awesome. Also. Thanks, NBC for taking away JoeVision, I was really hoping that I wouldn't be able to go downtown and enjoy the game on the big screen. It's much appreciated. SIKE.

4. Job searching/Classing.

Yes. Classing - it's a word. It means to be in class and doing things for that class. Blah is what I have to say to this part. Blah. Blah. Blah. Who knew this is what came after graduation. Ok. I guess I did, but that doesn't mean I am enjoying it in anyway. But. Just so you know what I'm doing with my life, right now I'm just looking for a temporary job as I finish up my last class and prepare for my art show in the fall. I did get a job at Blockbuster [yes, with Jessica], and I have a couple other prospects right now... but I will mention those later if something actually comes from them. But for now, all I have to say is: jobs, class, loans, money [or lack thereof], and tuition - BOO!

5. Computer crash. . . ?

Yes. You read that right. My computer just might be done-for. Which totally sucks. And I don't really want to spend too much time writing about this cause it sucks, but. Yeah. I'm using Timmy and Rebekah's computer right now. :( My poor little Mac . . . Come back to me . . . please?

6. Adam.

Haha. Yes, Adam - you get your own point. He and Hal (Whose birthday is today, by the way - happy birthday, Hal!!) came over to Jessica's house and we played [and won] games like Catchphrase and Uno attack. And then watched Taken. Great movie . . . I just wish it wasn't hyped so much [andrew...]. And our interactions w/ Adam don't end there. On Sunday, Jessica and I went to his church to hear his band play. Adam plays the bass, and it was great fun. We didn't even get lost on the way there. Or get a ticket because of Jessica's lead foot. But if you ever go to one of Adam's concerts, don't get excited if there is a microphone stand in front of him. He is probably not going to sing. Even though I wish that he would. And then we went to Red Robin for lunch. And Adam got egg on his burger. Weird? Yes. Jessica, Hal, and I all got normal lunches. And it was fun.

Umm.... I think that's about all I've got for you right now. Ooh. I did love the storms yesterday. You know, as long as they don't cause mass destruction, I am totally fascinated by storms.

Also. One more thing. I'm reading Captivating, and it's so good so far. :)

Ok. That is all.
Peace out.

Jun 2, 2009

Don't You Want Me

Well, it's another summer at Blockbuster for me (Jessica), so I'm back to reviewing new movies in order to get a blog quota.

He's Just Not That Into You (PG-13)

This was one that I personally loved. On Valentine's day earlier in the year, Erika, Kate, and I went and saw this in the theater and it kind of opened my eyes a bit to what guys may be thinking...especially in the whole "pre-dating" mode. I think that the 2nd time around, it was still just as good for me. I'd have to give it 3 1/2 stars.


My mom, dad, and brother all didn't care for the movie. Maybe you can only appreciate it if you're a single girl who doesn't understand what guys are thinking...I dunno. I liked it.

Revolutionary Road (R) and Defiance (R) also come out this week, but we didn't get them in time for me to rent them before they're released to the public. But from the previews, I can't say that I'm heartbroken I didn't get to watch them early...

I saw the new Pixar movie, UP, and it was great. I was scared out of my mind, considering it was in 3D (for those of you who don't know, 3D is one of my worst fears, 2nd only to 4D movies...) but it was super cute and not actually scary. It was right up there with Toy Story in greatness. LOVED it.

On a separate entertainment note, last Friday was Jay Leno's last Late Show, so here's a clip from one of his "Jaywalking" tournaments as a tribute to my favorite nighttime talk show host:

"Well that's boring."
Oh Adrien. :)

May 31, 2009

Green Eyes

Green eyed Alyssum finally went and got herself married to her Canadian. And we saw it.

Yesterday, we (me-Jessica, Erika, Kate, and Andrew) made the perilous journey into the frozen winter wasteland of Canada to watch the nuptials of Alyssum and Matt.

We got held up at the border for a little bit going into Canada (the border patrol man was totally flirting with Kate)...and got lost in the cones trying to get to the bridge...and we pulled up to the border way before we were supposed to. It's quite confusing...they should have more signs telling us newbies what to do. But at least we didn't get so lost that we missed the entrance into Canada and went back to the States like Jamie. :)

Once we hit the border, we realized that we left the wedding present in Kate's room. We're a bunch of geniuses.

The ceremony was great and the dancing afterward at the reception was even better. But even better than that were the bikers that were chillin' outside of banquet hall. Kate was in love...with the bikers...and the border patrolman...and a Canadian.

The way back to the US was pretty uneventful until we made it to the border again. I was really excited because I had won a bet with Adam, so I was texting him...and the border patrol man said something to the effect of "any other border patrol man would have gone (pardon my...or rather...his french) 'ape shit' on me for having my phone out and we'd get stuck in an hour long process of being checked at the border." Again, more signs with more directions would have been appreciated.

We're so lucky that we didn't get arrested or detained on this trip...

P.S. On a side note, last week, Erika, Kate, Adam, and Hal came over and we had a game/movie night. I would just like it to be known that Adam and Hal lost to a bunch of girls while playing Catchphrase. For shame.

Apr 28, 2009

Chocolate Rain

What do you do when it's hotter than the blazes in your dorm room and all of your Easter chocolate is melting?

Have a fondue night, of course!

No, we didn't melt our already melting chocolate, but we did have a fondue party nonetheless and it was the best. First, I (Jessica) dropped my Hannah Montana sunglasses in the fondue. Then a bunch of really cool people came over.

And then more really cool people came over.

And then we cleaned up.

It was awesome.

On Friday, Kate went home for a job interview (and it was a success I might add), so Erika and I were on our own. We watched John Tucker Must Die and I think almost an entire season of FRIENDS. We also went to McDonald's looking like this:


On Saturday, it was just a lazy day afternoon. I'm trying to get Erika hooked on the TV show, Chuck, and I think...I think...it might be working.

Chuck is just so cute and endearing :)

After this, we went and saw 17 Again in the theaters.

#1 - Zac Efron = SO HOT.
#2 - I haven't laughed that hard in the movie theater since I don't know when..
#3 - We popped our own popcorn and snuck it into the theater.
#4 - Zac Efron = SO HOT.

On Sunday, it was back to the daily grind. I went to the photo lab and printed this picture for our "solitude" assignment, and three things came of it.

#1 - I was able to print it in one shot...that never happens. What usually takes me 3 hours to make, only took me 45 minutes.
#2 - I kind of electrocuted myself a little bit while in the lab, but I'm ok now. Lesson learned = stay away from outlets after handling prints in the stop bath...
#3 - Everyone in my class loved it in the in class review.

And this is the last picture I printed...it was supposed to be a Christian photograph. It also got rave reviews :)

It's also better looking in person.

That's pretty much it, I think...I'm probably forgetting something...but that will get added eventually, I guess...

P.S. One day, Ryan Ploch will be famous.