Mar 30, 2009

Walk Like an Egyptian

Erika and I were observing a cultural phenomenon the other day.

While walking to McDonald's for some weekend ice cream, we discussed a drama class that I took in 7th grade where we analyzed the way that people walked. These are some of the things that my drama teacher said you could assume about people by their walking body language.

*Disclaimer: If you walk like one of these things and are offended by the description, it's not my theory. Don't even try to get mad at me, Andrew.

Walk #1 - The Sasquatch (my name for it, not his)

Essentially, this is walking with your head far forward. It means that you're not really aware of others around you, nor do you care what they think. You're highly motivated, and might be a little socially awkward.

Walk #2 - The Peacock

This is when a person walks with their chest being the forward central point of their body. It's pretty much like you have a string around you, and whatever your walk type is, that's where the string is pulling you from. (I know this picture sucks, but it's the best I could find...)

These people tend to be pretty well grounded, but depending on how far they stick their chest out can tell you how much they think of themselves. Super far out = pretty pompous. Erika is this walk but Erika is not pompous.

Walk #3 - The Hipster

This one is when you walk with your hips pulling you forward. I'm guilty of walking like this. I could not find a picture of this, but I did find a picture of a man doing an exercise.

People who walk like this tend to be popular and have a lot of self-esteem...sometimes to the point of arrogance...Spot on.

Walk #4 - The Sloucher

These people walk with their shoulders forward. They usually have little to no self-esteem or have been made fun of for being tall and try to compensate by being "shorter." Sometimes, this one can be mistaken for the Sasquatch. Don't be fooled.

So, that's all I want to talk about. Now you can all go around analyzing/judging people because of their walking habits.

You're welcome.

P.S. Emily, this one was for you. Not because I was thinking of a walk that you do, but now you have to get me a certain celebrity's phone number ;)

Mar 23, 2009

Carolina on My Mind

Back by popular demand.
Sorry we have neglected for so long. I [Erika] am taking 18 credits this semester and it's whipping my butt. So that's my excuse. I'm not sure what Jessica's is. Maybe she will say in her next post. :) Whenever that may be.

Lots has happened in our lives since our last post, obviously. But. I'll skip the play-by-play and just go straight to the newest most exciting information: SPRING BREAK!

It happened last week and it was... marvelous. I really can't explain just how great it was. It was so nice to have a break from school. And a fun one at that. Jessica, Kate, Alyssum and I all headed down to Greenville, South Carolina for the week. And like I said. It was great. I think I'm gonna just do what I always do and make a list of the highlights for y'all. [Yes. the "y'all" was on purpose to get you all in the southern mindset].

Ok. Highlights. And... go:

1. On the way down we stopped at a gas station that was so old you couldn't even pay at the pump. It was great. And the people inside were so nice.

2. Alyssum/Jessica accidently super-sized it at Arby's. Hahaha. It was so funny.

3. We ate in Buttermilk. Aka: the greatest place on earth where everything is funny.

4. We called one of those "how's my driving?" numbers on the back of a semi to report a good driver. You could tell the phone lady wasn't used to that. And she called me "sir." Oiy.

5. I saw a dead dog on the side of the road and Jessica and Kate took advantage of my dismay and took the... best... picture ever taken of me.

6. Kate waved at a trucker who then followed us at a pretty high speed [for a semi] for quite a while.

7. When we went to Sonic, there was somebody there w/ narcolepsy who had been there for hours and just kept passing out in the car. I'm not making this stuff up. I swear.

8. The grass was green. And the sky was blue.

9. We climbed on the waterfalls of Falls Park even though it's "strictly prohibited." Shh, don't tell. ;)

10. We went to the "coolest toy store on the planet" and I thought a chair was a hat. Don't even hate on me. It would have been a sweet hat.

11. Alyssum FELL. hahahahaha.

12. We went downtown on the St. Patty's night for the Blarney Bash. Let me tell you. It was an experience:

13. There was a drunk couple there who.... well.... let's just say were a little too close to each other for too long in a far too public place.

14. And. There was a "drunk" child. Ok... let's hope not literally, but it sure seemed like it.

15. And. There was an Irish Gypsy Fairy Queen. She wanted to dance w/ everybody. But we wouldn't let her dance w/ us cause she was weird. And obviously we don't dance w/ weird people.

16. Kate and I got a picture with the guitarist from Gypsy Soul - the band that was playing. They were really good, but the man held us a little too tight and too long for comfort. Haha.

17. A man with long braided pigtails [we now refer to him as Pocohontas] was impressed with how excellent we all smelled. What can I say? We aim to please.

18. We went to Table Rock and went on a slew of adventures there too:

19. A boy took his shirt off so that we could gaze lovingly at his muscles. Or lack thereof.

20. Kate and Kendal and I went off the path quite a bit and always took the adventure way. Which means going over trees that would be much easier to go under. And Jessica and Alyssum did a great job taking beautiful pictures of it all.

21. Kate and I climbed a tree. Kate fell in a hole. Hahaha. Yes. I do get joy from seeing people fall, ok?

22. Jessica, Kate and Alyssum experienced Waffle House for the first time. They liked it... except for the gas that followed. Yes, I'm sure you alll wanted to know about that. :)

23. Our waitress there said that we were all very polite and then compared us to teenagers. But it was all good in the 'hood cause she was so nice about it.

24. Jessica and Kate are in love with the Game Show Network. And we almost got to be on it and talk to Carlton from Fresh Prince.

25. We got all dressed up and went downtown for dinner, and a man looked at Kate with the opposite of disgust.

26. We went to Liquid Highway cause we got mad at another coffee place for not letting us sit where we wanted to. But it all worked out for the better cause the barista there was HOT. And he put a heart shape in my coffee. SCORE.

27. We were slightly scared by a homeless man trying to talk to some girls and following them. Yikes. Don't worry, though. He didn't follow us. Kate was too fast for him.

28. We had wrestling matches galore. Kate and I always won.

29. Kate and I got cool sunglasses, I got a cool ring, Jessica and Alyssum got cool dresses, Kate got cool earrings and a headband and Alyssum got a cool... something else. :) [for a picture of Jessica's dress, look at our dressed up picture. for a picture of Alyssum's dress, email her and ask her to take a picture of her in it and send it to you. for a picture of our cool sunglasses, look below. for a picture of Alyssum's something else dream on]

30. Kate and I are the best singers in the world. We did a cover of All-American Rejects' "Gives you Hell." Let me tell you. It's great.

31. "Truth," My workshirt, Bat Cave, Buttermilk, GSN, Liquid Hotguy are just some of the many things that will now live in infamy because of this trip.

So that was our spring break in a list of 31 highlights. Hope you all enjoyed it.
And sorry again about the neglect. We will tryyyy to be better.

Ok. Peace out.