Apr 28, 2009

Chocolate Rain

What do you do when it's hotter than the blazes in your dorm room and all of your Easter chocolate is melting?

Have a fondue night, of course!

No, we didn't melt our already melting chocolate, but we did have a fondue party nonetheless and it was the best. First, I (Jessica) dropped my Hannah Montana sunglasses in the fondue. Then a bunch of really cool people came over.

And then more really cool people came over.

And then we cleaned up.

It was awesome.

On Friday, Kate went home for a job interview (and it was a success I might add), so Erika and I were on our own. We watched John Tucker Must Die and I think almost an entire season of FRIENDS. We also went to McDonald's looking like this:


On Saturday, it was just a lazy day afternoon. I'm trying to get Erika hooked on the TV show, Chuck, and I think...I think...it might be working.

Chuck is just so cute and endearing :)

After this, we went and saw 17 Again in the theaters.

#1 - Zac Efron = SO HOT.
#2 - I haven't laughed that hard in the movie theater since I don't know when..
#3 - We popped our own popcorn and snuck it into the theater.
#4 - Zac Efron = SO HOT.

On Sunday, it was back to the daily grind. I went to the photo lab and printed this picture for our "solitude" assignment, and three things came of it.

#1 - I was able to print it in one shot...that never happens. What usually takes me 3 hours to make, only took me 45 minutes.
#2 - I kind of electrocuted myself a little bit while in the lab, but I'm ok now. Lesson learned = stay away from outlets after handling prints in the stop bath...
#3 - Everyone in my class loved it in the in class review.

And this is the last picture I printed...it was supposed to be a Christian photograph. It also got rave reviews :)

It's also better looking in person.

That's pretty much it, I think...I'm probably forgetting something...but that will get added eventually, I guess...

P.S. One day, Ryan Ploch will be famous.

Apr 19, 2009

We Win!

This is epic.

This is the first blog since August that Erika and I have actually written TOGETHER.

Also epic: this weekend.
It included Relay for Life, Mario Kart tourneys, baseball games, Taco Bell, Meijer runs, Friends marathons...and CORN DOGS (or, as labeled, corn battered frankfurters on a stick).

#1 - Relay for Life.
It was a pretty dinky turnout this year, but our team raised 1/5 of the total money earned.

Also, When the Clouds Run for Cover played a concert for us

and Erika I walked a total of 2 hours around the track with lots of fun people.

Pablo made another appearance this year and enjoyed it thoroughly, mostly due to the fact that he never got kidnapped. He just got loved on by a little girl.

#2 - Mario Kart Tourneys
We SLAUGHTERED Adam in MK. A lot of talk for someone with very little game ;)
As if anyone could hope to beat us.

#3 - Baseball game
This was the first athletic event that Erika and I had been to all year. Quite a big difference from last year. Our team is pretty much amazing, as usual. And the sun was shining, which was glorious. The only not glorious thing was the ladies behind us who were talking about us like we couldn't hear them. Too bad for them, I have super sonic hearing when it comes to eavesdropping, not real life.

#4 - Taco Bell
Tasty as always, and I won $25 off of my cup! YAY!

#5 - Meijer run
Erika and I witnessed a sight not suitable for the internet. But we also got the makings for fondue and we got corn dogs!!

#6 - Friends marathon
Is any weekend without our favorite friends a complete one? I think not. They'll be there for us!

#7 - CORN DOGS!!
When you mix corn dogs with Friends marathons, life is just that much more worth living :)

Other than that, it's hotter than the blazes in our dorm room, so I'm going to go to the art building now to do photo stuff and Erika is going to cut her toe off in protest.

Ok, Peace out.
Jerica Mellens

PS - Red Wings are totally dominating. Series: 2-0. For those of you who live under a rock.

Apr 15, 2009

Let's Go to the Zoo

For Easter, my (Jessica's) parents took me to the Cleveland Zoo.

Contrary to popular belief, I do not think that this zoo belongs in the top 5 in the US...or whatever it's ranked...

I love the Detroit Zoo. It was the first ever zoo that allowed animals to live in their "natural habitats" as opposed to keeping them in cages, like the Cleveland Zoo. Boo.

Free - YAY!!


Not free - Poor little jaguar :(

But it was nice to get a little time off and go on a vacation with the family. Even if this monkey didn't think so. He's mostly mad that he's in a cage :(

Poor little monkey.

In better news, one of my photos from photography class got hung up on the "Photo of the Week" wall! Yay!! I'll scan a copy in...eventually...as soon as I get to the library...but it won't be the exact picture, because that one's ON THE WALL!!!!

Oh. Lastly...

Animals Rule!

Apr 11, 2009

Quit Playing Games (With My Heart)

For those of you who don't know, I [Erika] am a sports fan. I love all sports... well... almost all sports. I'm not a golf fan or a nascar fan... or any other weird sports fan. But I love hockey, baseball, basketball, and football. Not necessarily in that order... although hockey is my favorite.

Since I have this love for sports, I have chosen a soulmate from all of my favorite teams. Now, a soulmate is very different from favorite player. For example, my favorite Piston is Tayshaun Prince, but he is not my soulmate for 2 main reasons: 1. He is too old for me. and 2. He is married. So the rules for soulmates are that they must be unmarried, and they must be close to my age. And once I pick a soulmate, I am loyal to that soulmate until they are traded or leave the team for some other reason.

Now that you know the basic rules for soulmate picking, it's time for me to share who mine are. I have one from the Red Wings, Tigers, Pistons, and.... Lions... I think. I don't pick college soulmates cause... well the longest they can be my soulmate is for 4 years... and... well, I just don't.

Red Wings
Jiri Hudler - 3 years older than me.

I just decided this last night. It was between him, Jonathan Ericsson and Vlaterri Fillpula. And I know it's risky cause Hudler might be leaving at the end of the season. But... he's just so great. By great, I mean not necessarily skill-wise, because I think Filpulla might have the edge on him there, but I mean he's just so endearing. He always seems so happy. Happy Hudler. He was also the reason the Wings won the first shoot-out that I had ever seen. And his interview afterwards was so great. The person asked him what was going through his mind as he skated out to center ice and he said, "Don't fall... Don't fall... Don't fall." Hahaha. So great.

Favorite: Undecided
This always stresses me out. I just can't choose. And when I think I can... Like... Zetterberg, for example [he's always high on the list]. I start thinking about how great he is and how he should be my favorite. Then Franzen pops into my head. SO great. Then Datsyuk pops into my head. SO great. Then the old favorites pop into my head - Maltby, Draper, McCarty. Also great. Then Lidstrom pops into my head... and it's about at that time that I just resign to the fact that I can't choose one favorite Wing.

Soulmate: Curtis Granderson - 6 years older than me

I think this choice is pretty self-explanatory. Even though 6 years is a bit of a stretch, how can I not choose Granderson? He's great. In all aspects. He's a great player - how many triples? And just take a look at that picture. What a catch. And he's smart. Read his blog - great writer. And, let's be real, he's attractive. Great all-around soulmate for sure.

Favorite: Brandon Inge
I was excited... but worried when they signed Cabrera. Cause I have always loved Inge and I didn't want him to be released or traded. I'm sooo glad they got things straightened out. Inge has been my favorite since the Tigers sucked and he will be until he leaves. For reasons like yesterday in the home opener - he made a spectacular catch. So great.

Soulmate: Amir Johnson - about 3 months older than me.

This choice shows my loyalty to my soulmates. Back when the Pistons were good, like - really good, they picked up a player that was the same age as me. At the time, 18. I was immediatly excited about this and chose him as my soulmate. He was actually the first of any of my sports soulmates. He has since come a long way with the Pistons. From being a bench warmer to an actual player, he has been an exciting soulmate to watch. But, to be honest, if I hadn't already picked Amir, Rodney Stuckey would be my soulmate. But, hey! No regrets. :)

Favorite: Tayshaun Prince
Ever since Tayshaun made the "block heard 'round the world" on Reggie Miller, he has been and forever will be my favorite. I also just love his quiet style of play. I still say he's way underrated.

Soulmate: Calvin Johnson - 2 years older than me.

Much like Granderson, I think this choice is pretty self-explanatory. He's the best player on the Lions. And I have always been a sucker for wide receivers, running backs, and corner backs. And, whataya know - Calvin Johnson's a wide receiver, and excellent one at that. It was a travesty that he wasn't in the Pro Bowl last year. Just cause he's on the worst team.... ever, doesn't mean that he's not great.

Favorite: Calvin Johnson
Let's be real... I don't have much to choose from when it comes to the Lions. So my soulmate and favorite are the same.

So there ya have it.
I love sports and those that play sports. I also love the sunshine and warmth we've been having lately. Just to throw that out there. :)

Ok, peace out.