Sep 28, 2008

Working for the Weekend

It's funny. 
As I (Erika) get older, I find that more and more I really am working for the weekend. It's the thought of those 2 days off that really help me get through the week. 

This weekend I was planning on going home to get my warmer clothes, my TV, some other stuff, and see my family. I was looking forward to it, and at 5:00 on Friday, I left the admissions office to get my stuff together and head out. Yess. 

I gathered some of my stuff and headed out to my car (which, by the way, was parked by Ogle Villages because the parking lot by my village is always full. Grr). I got to my car, and lo and behold: a flat tire. 


Oh well. I know how to change a tire. When I got my car, my dad got me all kinds of good tools to change my tires with and taught me how to do it. I'll be like Pam! :)

I get my stuff out. Take the hub cap off, and jack up the car. 
Then I thought that I should call my mom and tell her that I was going to be a little later than originally anticipated. So I did, and she put me on the phone with my stepdad. He reminded me that I'm supposed to put the parking brake on and loosen the nuts before I jack up the car. Oops. Good thing I talked to them. :) 

So I go through all the motions: parking brake, loosen the nuts, jack it up, take the nuts off, take the tire off, get the other tire out. 

And at this point I was feeling pretty good about myself. I can change my own tire with no, well... only a liiiitle help! Yesss. 

I got the other tire out and lifted it up to put it on. But!! It. Doesn't. Fit!! 
Apparently when I was in South Carolina, my stepmom and sister took my car in to get new tires. Very nice of them. But, the guy gave them the wrong size for the spare. What a scam artist. 

I was SO ticked. I was going to be so proud of myself for changing my own tire and driving home like normal. But now... it's still sitting in the Ogle Village lot with the flat back on it, and it will be sitting there for quite a while until I can get the old one fixed or a new one. 

Luckily, I have the best roommate ever and the best parents ever. Kate took me to her house for Friday night (Smart People = best movie ever... er... something) and then my mom came and got me on Saturday morning. 
My mom made me homemade chicken noodle soup cause I'm sick, and Timmy gave me a great way to get out of classes - tell my profs that I busted my brain. Why I didn't think of that before, I have no idea. Maybe my brain is already busted. 
So, despite the less than happy start of my weekend, it turned into a pretty good one. 

Also. One more thing: I was surprised at how few people asked me if I needed help. 
I mean, I didn't need it... and the 3 people who asked, I said, "No, thank you." 
But still... where is the chivalry? 

Ok. Peace out. 

PS - I found this picture of my dog Daisy as a puppy: 

Isn't she soo cute?!


Andrew said...

Timmy did come up with a good excuse.

I don't remember if I asked if you needed help, i most likely didn't. But it's not cuz I'm a jerk, just knew that you were doing as well as I would, if not better.

Yes. Dog. Adorable.

kate.yo said...

remember when that biznitch (k.m.) stole my spot?! hahahahahaha. my neighbors across the street just got a puppy and it looks like that. they let it walk around in the street. what bad owners!

Jessica said...

Andrew = worthless when it comes to cars

MelissaB said...

i'm sorry to hear that you were almost stranded at the arbor all weekend, i'm glad it work out though.
and Chivalry does still exist! i know for a fact that if Ryan had passed you while you were working on the new tire, he would have offered to help. and then we would have stood there and kept you company while you worked if you refused our help ;) lol.