Sep 9, 2008

Some Kind of Wonderful

Today, my wildest dreams came true.

I stepped into Disney World.

And then I stepped into Narnia.

And met Prince Caspian.

He was quite dashing. I'd date him. He was the best part of my day.

I then got to see the rest of Disney's Hollywood Studios (formerly, Disney's MGM). I saw the stone table that Aslan was killed on and stood in the room where the White Witch tried to seduce Caspian and Peter to bring her back to life in Prince Caspian. It was brilliant.

I also had the pleasure of seeing a kid run into a wall. He thought he was taking a short cut through a curtain, but it turns out the curtain was hiding a wall. I'm still laughing about it. Out loud. And it was like 6 hours ago.

Finally, I had met Kim Possible and had dinner at Pizza Planet. It was a fantastic day. Although Ron wasn't very cute. Pity.

But what's worse was the character attendant who took our picture with Ron and Kim was trying to get fresh with me. He pinched my nose and played with my sunglasses. I really wanted to punch him in the face.

However, being that I'm so good at reacting, all I did was grimace at him. I'm awesome.

So, that's pretty much it.

I know this is going to sound corny, but the only thing that would have made this day better is if I could have shared it with all of you. Corny, but true.

Still love and miss you,

Oh. P.S. Paul and Andrew.

In the Great Movie Ride, they added clips from Rambo. I laughed and everyone thought I was nuts.


Erika said...

caspian - not as hot as the real one.

kid running into a wall - hahahahahahahahah! i'm laughing and erin just said, "erika, WHAT is so funny??"

pinching your nose - CREEEEEPER!!!

Andrew said...

Ron looks like a doofus.

The kid. REALLY funny. But you shouldn't laugh that hard, it sounds like something that you would do.

PIZZA PLANET!?!? OMG, I'm so jealous!

Rambo? YESSSSSSS!!! But this was at Disney World? Not very family friendly.

Innovative Defense said...

Very cool blog! =)


kate.yo said...

ron is gay. not the cartoon version. but this guy? for sure! and. i wish i was there to see you get sexually harassed. i wanted to share that day with you too.

Innovative Defense said...

I actually found it while using that browsing tool on blogger, thought ur blog was interesting =)

MelissaB said...

people running into things never fails to make me laugh. :D i'm jealous you went to Narnia, but definitely not jealous you got your nose pinched.... it sounds like you are having a great time there!

cant wait to see some picts of your costume...! ;)

E said...

Very funny story Jessica, I like the look on Prince Caspians face in that photo though it looks really funny.