Sep 24, 2008

Kiss the Girl

A. I'd like to say 2 things first.

#1 - Erika and I wrote blogs on the same day. Again. After reading mine, make sure you keep scrolling down and read hers. Or else.
#2 - A boy kissed me.

B. I'd also like to say that my life is fantastic still. I dyed my hair and I love it.

If it weren't for my ugly costume, I'd probably get hit on all the time because it looks so good.

Just kidding.

But seriously.

C. I started my new class. It's about creativity and innovation. It's pretty sweet and I feel like if anyone knows anything about those two topics, it's Disney, so I'm really glad I'm taking it from them.

But that's neither interesting nor fun for you to read about, so I'll talk about people in my class.
#1 - There was this guy (Phillip) and he's from Ghana. In the middle of my prof talking, he stands up and starts taking pictures of people like it's no big.
#2 - Later in the class, Phillip and a friend of his from Ghana kind of circle around me and tell me they'll give me money. As I look at them with a completely blank stare, they tell me it's so I can buy the textbook for them. They can't buy it online because they don't have credit cards. Makes sense. So rather than getting hustled, I made some new friends. And then they documented it...

#3 - Then there's this boy Chris. He's from Puerto Rico. I met him on the bus ride home one day and it turns out we have class together. Being he lives in the same apartment complex as I do, I offered him a ride home from class because I drove and no one wants to wait 40 minutes for the bus to come when they can get a ride home from a girl with greatly colored hair. We went to Wal-Mart to get groceries and when I dropped him off in front of his apartment, he turned to me and kissed me on the cheek.


I didn't really know what to do. So I just kind of sat there. And then he got out of the car and went home. (Don't worry, Mrs. Miller. My mom knows and is semi-ok with it)

D. I went to Magic Kingdom today. By myself :( It was sad, but it was kind of a recon mission. People keep asking me about rides and they keep asking me for dinner recommendations and being I haven't ridden any rides or eaten in the park in about 5 years, I figured I should scope it out. So I did. But I was by myself. I kind of felt like a know...walking around a park where there are tons of little kids...all by myself. At least it's not like I went to go see Wall-E in the theater by myself, eh Eric?

However, I got these great pics:

So, that's my life right now.

Chris, you better have read this by the next time I hear from Eric.

And as for the rest of you, i hope you are having fantastic lives and that you don't forget to read the blog that Erika wrote today. It's brilliant.


P.S. Do any of you actually pronounce the "W" when you say the word "sword"? I don't, but it seems like everyone here in Florida does. So let me know, because it fascinates me.


Andrew said...

Jessica is getting SOME. Tap that.

You already know my opinion on your hair.

E said...

Hey at least when I went to see Wall-e it was pretty void of people so I didn't get weird looks or anything. Also you being a girl in disneyland isn't the same.

paul the wall said...

Oh my goodness. You dye your hair alot.

Daniel said...

Mr. Nast said saword today, and I thought of you and the state of Florida.

Austin said...

Your hair looks the same.

kate.yo said...

creativity and innovation? they jocked that from project runway for sure. p.r. has been around wayyyy longer than disney.
also, people who pronounce the 'w' in sword are total posers. posing as englishmen. which, why would you want to pose like them anyway? egads.