Oct 1, 2008

The Trouble With Love

I was proposed to!!

And I said yes!!

Here's the cheese:

I was at a counter ringing up this 8 year old kid's purchase. One of my coworkers (Alvaro - Don't ask me - I totally don't even know how to pronounce his name) came up to me with 2 handfuls of plastic jewels and said "for all of these riches, will you marry me?"

And I replied, "Sure!"

And then the 8 year old kid starts jumping up and down shouting "Marry! Marry! Marry!" He threw a couple fist pumps in there too as he walked away.

Only sad thing about this story? Alvaro isn't into girls. Rats.

Next item on the docket. Dress codes.

In our classes, we are required to dress professionally. Let me tell you about one of my classmate's interpretation of this rule:

Let's start with the feet and work our way up...

Blue crocs.
Khaki shorts.
A black button-up long sleeved shirt.
A red and black checkered bow tie.
Red chunky sunglasses hanging from his neck by a red chain.
A blue, white and yellow cap. The bill was straight. Not curved.

Yikes. He reminded me of a mix of Steve Urkel...

...combined with Will Smith from Fresh Prince of Bel Air.

New topic: I'm a detective.


This guy came up to my counter and said, "I'd like to buy these two pops please."

I said "Are you from Michigan??"
He replied "Yeah! How'd you know?"
I said "You said pop! No one says pop except for Michiganders."

We chatted a little bit more and found out he's from Brighton too and lives like 10 minutes away from me. Small World.

Last bit of news.

I get more mail than my roommate because you guys are so awesome and send me letters all the time. Thanks for making me feel more loved and for allowing me to lord it over my roomie :)



Andrew said...

You're a jerk. Why would you do that to your roommate? Although it probably is good practice for when she has to act sad, since she wants to be an actress.

That's how I'd interpret professional. Hahaha.

E said...

Who knows Jess maybe you could have turned him, perhaps you are just that awesome. I wonder what the odds are of there being someone else in Disneyland from your small town, and you meeting them. It has to be astronomical.

James said...

From what I hear, "pop" is more of a Great Lakes/Northern type thing than just a Michigan thing. They've done studies, and they haven't told us how much is cost.


kate.yo said...

"for all these riches..." what a great line. i'm going to use that someday. also, i just sat at my computer with my mouth gaping open at the outfit of your classmate. please tell me he's foreign.