Sep 5, 2008

I'll Be Missing You

Ok. I have some terrible, terrible news.

Poor Christopher Robin got kicked out of the Winnie the Pooh clan.

What's more, he's been replaced by a girl. Darby. Seriously?

I know. It's devastating. We don't even sell his merchandise in our stores.

Life no longer makes sense.

In other news.

I think that Disney World is the only place in the world where you can buy pantyhose from a vending machine.

Also, Jamar's birthday was yesterday. Yay!

And the Jonas brothers even wished him a happy birthday. Double yay!

That's pretty much it.

Love and miss you all!


Andrew said...

Boo Disney. They are stupid.

And hooray for Jamar's 21st!

James said...

what the EFF? I didn't even really watch the show/read the books, and I'm still appalled. lamesauce.

Anonymous said...

what are they thinking?????? JM