Sep 20, 2008

Blitzkrieg Bop

So. Arbor Games = The best ever.

Some people would claim the opposite. But don't believe them. They're liars.

Our theme this year was the Punk Movement. Which, at first I wasn't so sure about cause I don't know anything about punk. Or so I thought. When I started looking at some of the punk songs on iTunes, I recognized a lot of them. And then when I heard some of the other themes ("The best thing since sliced bread," "SAU Baseball," "The Founding of SAU") I realized just how cool ours was. It was so much fun dressing up as punks.

For those of you who don't know, that girl who's not me, Kate or Erin is our new roommate Karis. She was really good at doing mohawks! That came in very handy on Wednesday, that's for sure.

Kate got so many compliments she is considering changing her whole look to punk forever.

For our skit, we did a fake punk concert to the Ramones Blitzkrieg Bop. Before you think you haven't heard the song before, you have. It's the one that goes: Ay, Oh, Let's go!

It was great. James even gave himself a real mohawk. There's dedication for ya. It was spectacular.

Kate and I ended up rocking out the rest of Arbor Games too.
Kate participated in all of the games except for the first one cause we were off changing.
I participated in all of them except the first one and the bat spin. No face plants for me this year.

We even got sucked into doing the tug-o-war. That's the first time I have ever done that.

And I never knew how exhausting it was! Man. I was tired afterwards. Although, that maaay have something to do with the fact that I could NOT stop screaming. I really tried cause I know it was probably wasting a lot of energy. But I just couldn't stop. You all know me and my weird sounds. They will never stop.

Also. Here's a video of Kate doing the bat spin. Spectacular.

Also. If you would like to see all the marvelous pictures that I didn't post, go here:

Ok. Peace out.

PS - don't forget to read Jessica's blog that she wrote today/yesterday (not sure which) too!!
She has some aaawwwesome news and pictures!! :D


Andrew said...

I LOVE The Ramones.

I think every theme was better than "the best thing since sliced bread."

You and Kate are SO good at moshing.

Tug of War. You are so cool.

James said...

Wicked. I'm very happy that we had so much fun. :D

Carole said...

Oh, Arbor games, I soooo miss those days. The only game I wouldn't participate in was the milk chug. Do they even do that any more?? Who knew that chugging a gallon of milk as fast as you can could make you projectile vomit 30 feet? I sure didn't. Just watching all those Beta boys hurl made me sick all on its own. I hope you guys don't still participate in the sick sadistic game anymore :-) I love the video of the bat spin. Seems like just yesterday for me. Have I mentioned I'm getting old? :-) Speaking of getting old, did I tell you that I have Daniel, Timmy & Rebekah as my spanish students this year? I remember your mom pregnant with Rebekah, so that really seems weird to me that she's in 3rd grade!!! Wow! Well, I hope your senior year is off to a great start. Enjoy it while it lasts! Love, Mrs. Stiles :-)