Aug 29, 2008

Space Cowboy

So many exciting things happened today.

Like how McCain chose that governor from Alaska. I like him better now and won't hate voting for him. I would have liked Romney better, but still. At least it looks like McCain's campaign will get a boost.

I went through more training today. But it was sweet. For 2 reasons:

#1 - While I was walking "backstage" under Main Street USA in Magic Kingdom, Michael Phelps was walking over me guessed it...Main Street USA. Yeah. He got his own parade for being the best. And being that he was just 10ish feet above me, it's like we met.

#2 - I TOTALLY rock at the Buzz Lightyear Space Ranger Spin. We got to go on it during training and save the galaxy. Well, I saved the galaxy. The highest possible score you can get on the ride (You shoot lasers at the Evil Emperor Zurg) is 999,999. Before today, I had never gotten over 300,00. Today, I scored...drum roll please...


(for those of you who needed proof...)

This just proves how awesome I am. I got special recognition and everything. And a pat on the back because they ran out of sweet prizes. But still. I told Buzz how I saved the galaxy and he saluted me AND gave me a high five. LOVE him.

I'm king of the world!!!

Or at least the galaxy :)

I also got my costume (aka my work uniform). It's so ugly. But what can you expect when your skirt is nicknamed "the duck skirt"? Pictures may or may not come later...

- J


Andrew said...

Ugh. Politics.

You're a king? Not a queen? The blog is probably not the right place to admit that.

The Heart of the Matter said...

So, first I must say that I am jealous you're working at Disney. I was hired my sophomore year at SAU, but it was going to take me an extra year to complete my degree, so I decided not to go... I am excited for you. I was down in Disney when Faye hit.. The weather sucked!! Good luck!~ Sarah Smith~

kate.yo said...

romney = big weirdo creep.

Anonymous said...

thanks for the proof.. cuz i wouldnt have believed u lol..