Apr 2, 2008

Take Me Out to the Ballgame...

It all started out as another BEA-utiful day here at the Arbor.

Thanks to our friend, Andrew, we knew that Spring Arbor had a baseball game today so we decided to go for an hour. The baseball team here is REALLY good, so they are always fun to watch. Not to mention, that we know a few people who play, so that always makes it a little more entertaining too. There are also a lot of things that happen at the baseball games that don't really have anything to do with the game. It's a great time to just hang out with friends.

One of our biggest fears is death by foul ball. Really. It's scary. And more common than you would think (at least the foul ball part, not necessarily the death part). So we told Andrew that he was supposed to protect us from any kamikazi balls. He said no, but we could take the hat off his head and use that to catch the ball. Gee, thanks. We also established somewhere in the conversation that if he just happened to ruin Jessica's face, then he would either have to 1. pay for the plastic surgery to have it fixed or 2. find her a husband that could stand to look at her disfigured face.

There were also a number of things that we saw that we found interesting and felt needed to be shared with the world:
1. JD was there.
2. Just kidding about #1 - there's more. He was wearing a winter coat and a hoodie. It was 50 degrees and sunny. JD. Spring is here. Get in the mindset.
3. Although spring is here, the humidity hasn't really come all the way yet, and the air is really dry. The girl sitting almost in front of us had to have been the mayor of static-city. She could have electrocuted a small child, or maybe a cat with all that static.
4. Jon Schaible is verrrry fast.
5. Andrew is very protective of his hat.
6. Caitlynn is very good at stealing his hat.

Believe it or not, our day doesn't end there! :o)

We then met Paul for dinner. And Andrew forgot to push in his chair. So. Paul obviously put it under the table, because that's what you always do when somebody doesn't push in their chair. Andrew, rather than being a normal person and fixing his chair, decided to sit on it the way that it was, and thus punching his water, knocking it over, and spilling it everywhere. Maybe it was a "you had to be there" type thing, but it was hilarious! And officially the best part of Jessica's day.

After dinner, since it was such a nice day still, and you don't get many of those in MI, we went for a walk. During the walk, we encountered Andrew, Paul, Austin, and David. But they didn't see us. Cause we are stealthy. We hid in the trees and took pictures of them. And the trees hurt. Stalkers? No. Paparazzis. Duh. These pictures are of Andrew catching us being paparazzi and of Paul rockin' out on his air guitar/tennis racket while Austin watches :)

We did some other stuff that isn't really worth mentioning (aka: homework).
Then. We went to Jamar and Jessica's whiffle ball game, and they won! They didn't even strike out or anything, and are now in the toilet bowl championship whiffle ball game tomorrow at 9. Yessss.


Andrew B. said...

1. Very nice picture of you two. Lovely ladies.
2. Thanks for making me one of the main subjects of this post. Continue to hang out with me and you'll have plenty of material to work with. Probably at my expense.
3. The picture of Paul. Awesome hahahaha Good work.

Anonymous said...

Its so good to read up on the goings on at colleges in Afghanistan. Thanks so much for keeping us posted.

Anonymous said...


Paul the Wall said...

at first, i thought i was just shooting my racket like a gun

but then at closer look, i really was playing air guitar


kate.yo said...

death by foul ball is TERRIFYING. and. j.d. is an IDIOT. hahahahahaha.