Apr 5, 2008

Get 'cha Head in the Game

It's nice to get off campus every once in a while. Even if it's directly across the street. Last night we went to Marino's for all you can eat pizza buffet. It was glorious. Every time we go we have a competition to see who can eat the most pizza. We didn't keep very good track of it this time, all we know is that Erika didn't win (like always), and neither did Jessica. We think it may have been Austin. Good job! It was pretty eventful... if you would like anymore info, just ask one of us for more details. :o) 

We know we wrote a little about tennis in the last blog, but with this excellent weather we have been having lately, it has kind of turned into an obsession for us (this time it's Austin, Andrew, Paul, and Lenora). 
While we were observing the games (Jessica, Erika, and Caitlynn), we noticed that Paul has a number of uses for his racket. 
Here is a list: 

1. He uses it for an actual racket (go figure)
2. He uses it as a guitar/ukulele 
3. He uses it as a Samurai sword
4. He uses it as a set of nunchucks (it is possible)
5. He uses it as a baton - balancing it on his fingers
6. He uses it as a gun

He's a resourceful guy. 
However, we are more resourceful. Cause we taped some of the game. Here's the highlights. Put to Get'cha Head in the Game, thanks to Jenny Timm. Who is basically the coolest person on Delta 3. (Move to Village C, Jenny!). Sorry some of it's hard to see - it was getting pretty dark, and we didn't know how to make the lights work. If you want to see a better quality version, stop by our room! :o)



Andrew B. said...

There are no words I can say that can express how I feel about this post. Except that you guys are effing spectacular. I was almost brought to tears.....

Caitlynn said...

good job girls! I think you are better bloggers than I am. :o)

Ian said...

Wow, Andrew I think that you need to hit your shoes with your racket some more.

Anonymous said...

oh my. so i think i sounded like a mental patient because i was laughing HYSTERICALLY by myself in delta 3 (which I think I might move to VC!) anyway, thanks for putting a huge smile on my face and ringing laughter in my ears. BYE! p.s. this is jenny! im not smart enough yet to create an identity

kate.yo said...

so. paul is gay. (cool). because he uses his racket as a baton.