Apr 20, 2008

Sugar, we're going down...

There are 2 things we love in life: ice cream and fire. Hence the title. 
Sugar = ice cream
We're going down = the building we just lit on fire*

(*Disclaimer - we don't really light things on fire)

We were sitting in our room. Doing homework (go figure, right?). When, suddenly we heard the most wonderful sound that anyone in the world will ever hear. Ever. 

That's right. 

Jessica gazelle-leaped off the futon in glee as she shrieked "is that the ICE CREAM truck??" Erika immediately regretted getting ice cream from the DC as she looked out the window and saw that Jessica was indeed correct. 

We grabbed our money and ran haphazardly into the street, forgetting what our parents had told us numerous times about looking both ways before crossing the street. But it's ok, cause everyone stops for ice cream trucks. We weren't the only ones, either. Eager college students came running from all directions towards the street with cash in their hands. 

Jessica ended up getting a Chocolate Eclair 
Erika ended up getting a Strawberry Shortcake. 
And it was heaven.

After we ate our ice cream (yuummmm!), we got back to doing some homework. We were being so good that night. :o) 

And then we heard one of the most annoying sounds in the world. It wasn't an alarm clock, a mosquito buzzing in your ear, or Andrew cracking his knuckles. It was the fire alarm. Every time this happens, our response is something along the lines of, "Seriously?" "For real?" or "Again?" Then Erika slowly gathered our things, like jackets, shoes, and in this case, a camera as Jessica finished a Scramble game (they're timed, you know.) And we made our way outside. It's a good thing it wasn't a real fire, cause we were moderately slow to say the least. 

Here's the lovely ladies of our village. Well, at least the ones that were in the village at the time. 

Ok. Peace out. :o)


Baden's Banter said...

do do do doo do doo do do. do do doo do do do do do do

That is me singing the ice cream truck sound. It sounds cool in my head.

todistantshores said...

YEAH strawberry shortcake!
I mean, chocolate eclair is good, too. But it's kind of the cherry to the grape.

It's not my favorite favorite, but still my favorite.

Ian "thats my real name" Sepetys said...

haha, holla at my boy Andrew for I knew exactly what those "do dos" sounded like in real like.

Good job on the update despite technical problems. This is what us fans want to see!!

kate.yo said...

remember that one time the firemen almost saw me in my underwear? yes, girl.