Apr 20, 2008

How to Save a Life

How do you save a life, you ask?
Not how The Fray tells you how in their song... no.
The real way to save a life is to participate in Relay for Life. Which we did! Yesss.

And we had a totally sweet time. By we, that means Jessica and Erika (of course) AND Pablo!! As fun as living in a room with 3 hot ladies can be, he was tired of sitting around the room all the time and needed to get out. Since Jessica and I are good parents/fun aunts, we decided to let him join us. He was also looking really forward to going on the hot air balloon ride, which was one of the fundraisers. Unfortunately, it was too windy. And I (Erika) totally called that one. Thanks, Timmy.

He had a great time, anyways, though. This slide show is just cause we couldn't decide which pictures to include and which to leave out... so we decided that the best course of action would be to include them all this way. :o) [don't mind the depressing music. we just thought it would be appropriate cause of the title.]

(Go here if you can't see the video - http://youtube.com/watch?v=OFtjaKtgtA4)
So. As you can see, Pablo thoroughly enjoyed himself.
He did have a slightly traumatic experience. He was KIDNAPPED! It really was one of the scariest moments of my (Erika's) life.

Ok. We'll make this easy. From here on out, when I say "I," I mean, Erika. K? K.

Anyways. I was holding Pablo while Jessica went to the bathroom, and Dave-freaking-Evatt said to me, "Hey Erika, I gotta tell you something." He came up to me and snatched Pablo right out of my hands. I held on as long as I could, but then I started to hear a ripping sound. So, naturally. I let go. I didn't want to rip his arm out. But. It wasn't that bad. Cause it's only Dave. He really wouldn't do anything to really harm Pablo, right?
Wrong. He gave him to Tony. Yes. Tony. I chased him ALL over the track trying to retrieve my child. But Tony ran into a tent or something and I totally lost him. And Pablo.

By this time, Jessica came out of the bathroom, so I rushed over to her and frantically told her what happened. We tried to find Tony, but all we found was Andrew who offered us no help whatsoever. He just kept accusing us of being bad parents. Which we are NOT. He was mistaken. I tried calling Jamar and make him come help us. I got his voicemail and said, "PABLO'S BEEN KIDNAPPED! HEEEELLLP!" Or something to that effect.

We kept looking and finally found him in the tent next to us. They took very good care of him there, and it really did all work out in the end cause Pablo made a great new friend named Ashley. He liked cuddling with her. :o)

Then I decided I should call Jamar back and let him know that all is right with the world cause Pablo is back. So, I did. I got his voicemail, and as I was assuring him that everything was ok, Brian Meagher came up behind me and Jessica and had the scare of the CENtury. So I screamed very loudly in Jamar's voicemail's ear. Sorry Jamar. Heh. It probably didn't really reassure him like I hoped it would...

The rest of Relay for Life was pretty uneventful in comparison.
Although. JD and his band played. And that was spectacular, as always. Steve makes great faces as he plays the drums. :o) But. Like I said, they were awesome.

And then Jessica and I walked with Paul and Andrew. And then I started walking w/ Jamar. We walked from 1:00-2:30 a.m.... ish.
It was spectacular.

The end.

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Baden's Banter said...

Geez. Make me look like the bad guy. Yeah right.
But it was a good time, and Pablo got back safely. No harm, no foul.