Apr 16, 2008

More Bounce in California

We tend to push the boundaries of normal social conduct. But really, it's just because we're so sweet - not to toot our own horn or anything - but it's true.

Here at Spring Arbor, we have open hours (when guys and girls can go to the opposite genders' rooms) during certain times of the week, and we usually utilize this time. We tend to have an outrageous amount of fun, whether we're chilling out and watching a movie or playing a game like yahtzee or scene-it.

However, we sometimes have so much fun that we feel the need to create our own games.

They may have more bounce in California, but not on this past Sunday night. I think we totally had them beat...

Exhibit A: Bobbly Ball (created by Austin and Andrew)
There really aren't any rules. It's basically just skill. And annoying to the people living below us (sorry Erinn and Allison!!). It just goes to show how much fun you can have on a limited budget.
Unfortunately, we weren't able to capture all of the best moments (i.e. Andrew giving Erika a black eye), but this video** that we made kind of gives you an idea of how intense this game actually can get.

*Also. Andrew. A stitch in time saves nine. Just sayin'.
**We made a video, but for some reason youtube is being stupid... we'll keep working on it...

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Baden's Banter said...

Erinn and Allison should feel privileged to be so close to such a great game. It's kinda like those buildings in Chicago where you can watch from your apartment across from Wrigley Field.

And in response to that statement with the asterisk. Easy Access. Just sayin.