Apr 12, 2008

Sweet Home Chicago

Ok. So, maybe it's not my home at all. But I do think it would be totally sweet to live there. 

If you read Jessica's last blog, then you know that I (Erika) was in Chicago for a class trip. I went with my Art History III class, and it was sweeeet! We left at 8:00 Thursday, and we got back late Friday night. It was really cool, like I said. I have only been to Chicago a few times,  and I had definitely never seen all the art stuff that we go to go see too. It was also really cool to get to know all the people in my class. Since I just switched to art major this year, I don't really know many of the art majors. It was a great way to get to know some of them too. 

So. Like I said: we left at about 8 in the morning. We took a people mover and a regular van. The people mover filled up pretty quickly - the seats are big and nice and comfy, so I sat in the regular van. But! It all worked out in the end, cause I got a whole bench to myself. Yessss! I definitely spread out and slept the whole way there. It was glorious. 

The first thing we did when we got there was to look at a few sculptures. That was pretty cool... definitely not the coolest, though. After the little mini-sculpture tour, we went to Frank Lloyd Wright's Robie House. That was aaaaah-mazing. Probably one of the coolest things we saw the whole time. We got a tour of the inside, but they are working restoring it, so we didn't get to see all of it.

 But! At the same time, since it was raining out (which was a bummer), we got to go to a side of the house that most people don't get to see. Yessss. VIP right here. :o) Here's a picture of what we got to see that the rest of the world doesn't. It was the kids' play area. It might not look like too much now, but it was built like 100 years ago, and look how modern it still looks now! Ok. Maybe you're not excited about this, but I totally was. I could bore you with tons more detail that I totally love, but I'll spare you guys. :o) 

After the Robie House, we went to the Museum of Contemporary Art. Ugh. I wasn't too much of a fan of that place as a whole. There was some weird stuff there. And I'd like to think that I'm at least a little educated on art, and I can see the beauty of a Picasso painting... abstract stuff like that. But, man. This stuff was crazy. There was this one sculpture... it was of a mermaid. Ok. Not too weird. But! She had the Pink Panther on her back. Yes. The cartoon pink panther. What is that?? And that wasn't even the weirdest thing there. I swear. Weird stuff. We weren't allowed to take pictures, but I definitely wish that I could have just so that I could show you how odd this stuff was. There was some cool stuff there, too. There was an exhibit by an a
rtist named Alexander Calder, and that was sweet. He makes mobiles. Really sweet ones. Google him. 

After all that fun, it was time to go to the hostile and eat dinner. We basically had the whole night to ourselves. We went to Panera for dinner, and then a few of us went off and just wandered around downtown. It cold and rainy, but super fun. :o) We just wandered in and out of stores, took pictures, and acted like total tourists. We went into a Forever 21, and Cynthia and I got matching scarves. We were twins and it was pretty sweet. And this Forever 21 was huuuge!! 3 stories! It was amazing. 

And! There were these mannequins. If Kate were an mannequin, this is was she would look like. Booty poppin'. Heh. It was funny. And yet slightly disturbing. She had short little booty shorts on and everything. 
So. Naturally I took a picture. There ya have it. Kate Yo as a mannequin. 

The next day, we did an architectural tour, and that was sweeeeet. 
And we went to the Chicago Institute of the Arts, and that was sweet. It's true what they say: paintings are waay better in person... and there was an Edward Hopper exhibit there, and he's one of my faves. If you don't know him, he did this painting. If you've never seen it... well, then you must live in a cave. 

And. Of course. We went to the Bean. It was cool cause it was the first time I had ever been
there. :o) I definitely want to go back. It was kind of overwhelming... so many cool picture opportunities, but Cynthia and I didn't have time to totally capitalize on it. But this was my favorite. 

Well, there ya have it. Basically the highlights of my Chicago trip.
Peace out. :o)


Baden's Banter said...

So I googled Calder and found some interesting facts about him:
1) He posed nude for one of his father's sculptures
2) He made toys for kids and a huge miniature circus
3) One of his sculptures was outside the North Tower at the World Trade Center, but was destroyed on 9/11.
I looked at some of his work and I think my favorite is "Man." But I only saw a few.

kate said...

dude. that mannequin is me. and props on spelling mannequin. i couldn't have done it! and i'm glad that you had such a wonderful time in chicago. maybe that is where we'll end up. old and alone, but together.

Anonymous said...

They just posted that diner picture in the Reader's Digest. You are supposed to find out what they changed in it. Too bad your picture isn't bigger so I can compare.

todistantshores said...

I totally feel you on the abstract art... sometimes I look at it and think, "Hey, I wish I had an idea of what you were even thinking about when you made this, Mr./Ms./Mrs. Artist." Eh.

Great pics, btw... I'ma take a road trip to Chicago now.