Apr 10, 2008

Something's Missing

As it says in the title, something's missing. And it's my best friend.

Erika's in Chicago for a couple days and has left me all alone (in case you're having a slow day, me=Jessica). I don't think it would have been so bad, but the night before, she and I were talking about how we were going to be apart for the longest we've ever been, starting this summer. We pretty much won't see each other from May-January, because I'll be in South Korea and Disney World, and she'll be in South Carolina and Michigan. At least I'll be stateside, so that we can talk on the phone all the time, but I'm really going to miss my best friend.

However, I'm not just going to be a hermit while she's gone. Today, I ate lunch with Justin (who's the worst, by the way) and his Kid's Hope kid, Cody, aka, Stinkbomb 3000. I had thought that "Stinkbomb 3000" was a nickname, but apparently, it's an alter ego, because SB-3000 was in hiding, not eating lunch with us. I think Justin is going to go find him. Eventually.

As a fun fact, Cody said that one time he had so much gas to pass that it lifted him off of his chair. Maybe it's not just an alter ego. Maybe he's a straight up super hero. He's also single.

I also played Ultimate Frisbee with my brother floor, Village D. It was pretty much the sweetest. Except that it wasn't, because we lost, but I still had fun. :) I was known as "the girl" and the other team apparently didn't underestimate my mad skills this time because they covered me like nobody's business. We only lost by two touchdowns, though, so it was better than our first epic battle against Beta 2. The beat us (barely) by about 9 or 10 points. I think they cheated. Thanks, though, to everyone who played on my team (Jamar, Amanda, Nate, Steve, and Dave).

Today was also kind of a big homework day. I spent 3 1/2 hours in the library working on a consumer behavior project. After, I got a pizza from the cougar den, because I was famished. When I went to throw my plate away, I saw that someone had gotten rid of their easter basket with great stuff in it. It was pretty much a gold mine. So, Erin Buter and I went dumpster diving and came out with an easter basket, some peeps, a nail file, nail polish, and a Spanish phrase book. Yes. Erin is eating the peeps right now and says they are good. Ew (I hate peeps - and they are from the garbage). But, I was going to give them to Paul, who loves peeps, so it's good that I wasn't going to give him something crappy. Now he just doesn't get anything at all and can read about it in this blog. Sorry, Paul. My bad.

Lastly, tonight is the night that The Office returns to TV and we're watching it in the lobby. It's gonna be the best and I can't even wait. Not even a little bit.


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Brian said...

and you were not available to eat dinner last night, either. poo

kate.yo said...

trash pickers. you cannot even get mad at erika for eating chinese out of the garbage.