Apr 9, 2008

Blank Sheet of Paper

Ok, maybe not "blank sheet of paper," but that's what it starts out as. Homework. Blah.

As long as it doesn't end up the way it starts, we're good.

So, even though we are really fun most of the time ;o), some of the time, we just have to do homework. It's not all fun and games, you know.

And so we did. And here's proof.

Jessica: This is how I found Erika writing a paper when I came back from class. Weirdo McBeardo. I just had to take a picture. I mean, for real, Erika?

Erika: Sometimes I get tired of sitting at my desk and on the futon and on the floor and on the pink chair. So this is what happens. Ok?!?!?!

Jessica: This is a picture of me reading close to 300 pages worth of Business and Government texts. I have a test on Friday and am NOT looking forward to it.

Erika: My way of doing homework was far more entertaining. The end.

Erika: Ok. So maybe, my way of doing homework wasn't more entertaining... but. I had been working on that stinking paper for at least 5 hours. Almost straight. Moral of the story: don't procrastinate.

Jessica: In case you're wondering, she really was doing homework. She wasn't sleeping in this picture. Pathetic, I know.

Erika: Hey! (giggle, giggle)

The end. For real this time.


Andrew B. said...

You know, sometimes I like to do my homework while laying upside-down. So it's not that weird. But that can't be good for your back.

Anonymous said...

Nice to see you doing homework. :)