Oct 15, 2008



It's the final theatrical trailer.

I can't even wait.

But I suppose you'd want to hear more about my life...

Well, that crazy dressing kid wasn't in class yesterday :( I was however talking about his outfits with my prof. She told me that she discussed his attire with him, saying he was "pushing the limit" and he said "but I'm wearing a tie!!" like it was ok. Hahahaha.

Also, long story short...I was talking with this little girl (3 years old) who was about to go to the Bibbidi Bobbidy Boutique (and for those of you out of the loop, I work there a TON now)...anyway...we were talking for like 20 minutes and she had to go to her appointment...she asked if I'd still be there later so she could show me her transformation and take pictures with me. Unfortunately, I only had 10 minutes left on my shift so this is how our conversation went:

Little Girl: "I'll come back and show you how I look like a princess!!"
Me: "Oh...princess, I won't be here...can I tell you a secret? Can I tell you why I won't be here?"
LG: "Yes!"
Me: "I'm actually a princess in disguise and I have to go find my prince charming. Do you think he will find me?"
LG: "No."


Oh well. Her mom reassured me that I'd find my prince charming someday :)

- Jessica


E said...

Burned by a 3 year old that's pretty bad. But sure you'll find him someday.

Andrew said...

Hahahahaha. Ouch for sure. But I think you'll find him. As long as him is not Kevin Jonas or Sark. That might be setting your sights a bit too high. Only cuz you'll probably never meet them.

James said...


kate.yo said...

"but i'm wearing a tie."
and you would be bff with your prof.