Oct 25, 2008

Nothin' But A Good Time

So. Last weekend was fall break. And it was the best. Ever.

I (Erika) went to Kate's house. And we had a grand old time. So much so, in fact that I'm not even sure where to begin..... I guess the beginning, eh? :)

We left a little after 5:00 cause I'm in class till then and we both still had to pack. It's cool, though. And I didn't loathe packing as much as I usually do cause I got to do it w/ Kate. :) She makes everything more fun. Even packing.

Anyways. We went to her house. Ate a delicious dinner of roast beef, mashed potatoes, and carrots. Yumm... but... still not as good as my mom's pork chops and rice.
Then we watched The Office. Yes. Then we watched Project Runway. Yes. Then we went to Applebee's for half off appetizers. Cause no matter how much you eat, you can always take at least one more bite. Right, Kate? ;)


Kate got her hair cut!!! It is soooooo cute!! And here it is.

Also, little nugget of information: the salon she went to get it done is owned by a girl who goes to SAU's mom. Crazy-land. And we saw her there. It was pretty spectacular.

Then, we were going to go get Erin Joy's wedding gift, but Kate missed the turn. Bad? No way! It was great, because we stumbled upon the prettiest cemetary ever!! The trees all looked so pretty. So naturally, we got out and walked around. SO much fun.

Lunch time! We went to Whole Foods and got sushi. Mmm. :) It was good... but... I was kinda scared to eat it cause the only sushi I've ever had was homemade by my Japanese aunt, and I was worried that nothing would match. Well, I was right. Not bad... but not nearly as good.

In Ann Arbor, Whole Foods just happens to be right next to........ shoot..... either Barnes 'n Noble or Borders. Either way, they're basically the same. And being the sophisticated people that we are, after lunch we went to look at photography books. It was grand. I looked at 1,000 buildings you need to see before you die. I think I've seen 9 of 'em. Kate's seen like 11 or 12, I can't remember. One of them is in Dearborn, though! Roadtrip!! :)

Anyways, then back to Kate's house to watch more Project Runway and lay on the floor being the coolest people ever.

After we were done laying on her floor being the coolest people ever, we went to downtown Ann Arbor to hang out w/ some of her friends. It was a grand old time.


Today is Erin Joy's wedding!! Woo! So Kate and I got all dressed up and went to that. Unfortunately we were a tad late cause we ran into construction (not literally... :) and we got a little lost. But it was all good. It was a nice wedding.

But we didn't stay for the reception so we had our own little reception when we got back. We went and bought a mini cheesecake to eat outside cause it was a beautiful day. And it was spectacular.

Later that night we were curious as to how many people live at SAU during fall break, so we decided to go on a community floor tour. It was grand. We didn't see too too many people, but more than we thought we would see. And we left random notes on peoples' wipe boards.

Ok. Don't worry. My mile long post about my weekend is almost over. I just wanted to let you all know about the best weekend ever.

The most notable things that happened on Sunday were a little more few and far between cause we had to do homework. Bah. The bane of our lives. But we did watch Iron Man - excellent.
And we went to Taco Bell for dinner. Always amazing. Especially when Kate uses her "new" cup holder and the cup falls out as we are driving down the road. HAHAH. It was one of the funniest things ever.

After Taco Bell, Tony came over and was... well, Tony.

Then. We went to Ormston 4 to make a new friend - Jake. Which, like the rest of the weekend was spectacular. He has lots of stuff for dress up, so that worked out great for me and Kate. And he has a guitar and harmonica, so naturally we created a band. Jake played guitar, I played harmonica, and Kate sang. Watch for our first single on iTunes.

And that's about that. It was really basically the best weekend ever.

Peace out.

PS - don't forget to read Jessica's blog that she wrote yesterday. :)


Andrew said...

So why are there no pictures of this sweet cemetery? I've heard about it twice but have no idea why it's so cool.

Sounds like the coolest band ever! Is your first single going to be "Mona Lisa"?

kate.yo said...

hahaha. i laughed out loud at this several times. it was wonderous. always room for one more bite. and i love writing words on "wipe" boards. :)

This one time.. said...

I was unaware SAU had a mom.