Oct 8, 2008

Keeps Gettin' Better

My life=so good.

I met Matt Lauer.
For the record, he's a lot shorter and a lot less attractive in person...and if you don't know who he is, google him.

I also went to EPCOT with my friend Alex. We hadn't really talked since HS, but it was pretty sweet that we finally got to hang out.


He did take me to go see "Honey, I shrunk the audience."

I almost peed myself. 3D movies scare the CRAP out of me. They terrify me out of my mind. I don't know why I agreed to go.

But I didn't pee myself. Thank goodness, because I was almost sitting on his lap out of fear. I don't think I actually watched that much of the show...

It's ok though - I got out alive!!

We also went on the Nemo ride and the Norway ride and ate in China. Excellent!


My ipod blaster is working again!! It didn't work for like 3 weeks and as I told you in my last blog, I had no music in my life. It was pretty depressing. I had to sing to myself to have music. Not good.

- Jessica

P.S. Kate - that boy I described is not foreign. Yesterday, he wore blue tennis shoes, brown striped socks (They came up about 6-8 inches above his ankle), khaki shorts, a green button up short-sleeved shirt, and green striped tie (the 2 greens clashed), and his hat again. This guy. I tell ya. I need to bring my camera...

P.S.S. David Anders is back on Heroes!!! YEEESSSSSSSS!!!!!!!


James said...

oh yeah. I need a pic of this guy. he seems like the guy that I would wanna hang out with every single day.

Andrew said...

I retract all my statements about the grandma sweater, as they were obviously controversial.

Here's what I meant to say:
Oh my gosh! You look sooooooo good!

And yes, You need a pic of that guy stat.

MelissaB said...

yeah for Matt Lauer! I watched the today show all summer :)
and yea for music again!
music makes life fun.

kate.yo said...

is this oddly dressed boy my soulmate, or what?
also. bummer on matt lauer. definitely NOT my soulmate.