Oct 21, 2008

The Boys Are Back

It's not so much the boys are back so much as a man is back. And by man, I mean Johnny Depp. He's back at the Magic Kingdom from now until the day after Halloween. Any time you wanna come down and hang out with me and Johnny, just let me know.

Now on to the chronicles of my life.

My roommate got me a present. Looking at it makes me giggle like a little school girl. I don't really know why...I kind of think it's terrifying a little bit...but it still just makes me giggle. One of life's little mysteries, I guess. Here's a picture of me posing next to it in my new favorite sweater next to my new Edward/Twilight poster :)

I also had class again today. I really can't get over how many fascinating things happen to me in class...

First of all, we watched this youtube video. Seriously, it's out of control. I know it's ballet, but you for real need to watch the entire video. I just sat there with my mouth hanging open. It's a Chinese version of swan lake...I know that doesn't sound like something anyone would want to watch...but you need to...it will astound you.

Today also continues the chronicles of the wacky outfits of my classmate. I actually went grocery shopping with him and am quite intrigued. His name is Tyler. He uses stencils to make shirts. He's pretty awesome, actually. His personality totally justifies his wardrobe.

Here's what he wore today:

Green tennis shoes.
White shorts.
Pink short sleeved shirt.
Hot pink tie.
Red sunglasses hanging from his neck by the red and black string (repeat article of clothing from a previous week)
His treasured hat.

I sent a picture via Pix text to Kate, so if you need to see it, go see her.


Erika, this girl sullies your good name. It's even spelled the exact same way.

Every week, my prof asks us if anything fascinating happened to us. People usually talk about how they got recognized by managers or went to concerts or something.

But not fake Erika.

She raises her hand and proceeds to tell the entire class about how she got a boyfriend.

My eyeballs almost bulged out of my head from trying not to laugh out loud.

And speaking of eyeballs...I got this new shampoo. It's a tea tree oil shampoo (it helps prevent/kill lice. unfortunately, i need it as a precaution while working in the boutique. and no. i do not have lice. knock on wood.). It's made of tea tree oil, peppermint oil, and lavender.

Bizarre combo, I know.

Anyway, when you use it, your whole head tingles. This morning, it got in my eye and I can't even begin to explain to you how it felt. It burned for about 1 second and then just felt...for lack of a better expression...minty fresh. It was the strangest sensation I've ever felt in my life.

Lastly, my life is over.

They killed off David Anders' character on Heroes. My heart is broken into about a million pieces. I don't know if any man will ever be able to put it back together again the way it was.

I'm going to go mourn now...not only for David Anders character, but also for my ipod docker. It has officially kicked the bucket too :(

- Jessica


E said...

Try duct tape Jessica it works on alot of other things it might just work on broken hearts as well.

Andrew said...

So I can't see the picture, so I clicked on the box that it's supposed to be in and the firewall blocked it saying "pornography." Seriously Jessica? What are you getting yourself into?

And the Chinese video reminded me of the Simpsons episode where Patty or Selma (I forget which one) tries to adopt a kid from China and the tour guide asks Homer what he does for a living and he thinks to himself "Wait a minute, I'm in a whole different country. They don't know who I am, I can be anything I want." Then he replies "I'm a Chinese acrobat! D'oh!"

That other Erika description fits our Erika to a "T"!

Sark is dead for good
Do not cry, it makes me sad
Hooray, Sark is dead

I miss you