Oct 2, 2008

Stupid Boy

I got new clothes today!!

It was the first time I ever bought clothes from Forever 21 and I LOVED it!

Especially being I got a dress for $3. It was marked at $7.99, but rang up at $10.99. The manager who came to fix the problem was flirting with a girl, and rather than taking $3 off the price, he took $7 off the price.

When I saw the total, I just figured that I did really bad math in my head. That's happened before. On many occasions.

After I'd left the store, I realized his mistake. But he was flirting with a girl, so I don't feel that bad that I got a great deal on this really cute dress:

I also got this shirt...that was also on sale. My whole purchase came to under $15.00. Yess.

In really bad news, though, my ipod docking station died. My life no longer has music in it :(

Lastly, I wrote a blog yesterday, but I was too excited about my new clothes to wait and tell you guys. So don't forget to read that blog too.

Love, Jessica

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Andrew said...

Clean up your bed.

I don't like the dress. But the shirt looks nice.

Caitlynn said...

Hey! Super cute clothes! Forever 21 has cute clothes but I don't shop there much either. I miss you! Glad to hear things are going well though!

kate.yo said...

you are SO hot. i'm not sure i want you to come back.
i was never a fan of healthy competition... ;)

erin said...

Whats with the blog title? You should have called it something about a really sweet boy because he gave you super cheap clothes!

You look great, love!