Jul 31, 2008

Burnin' Up

High heels.
Red dress.
All by yourself.
Gotta catch my breath.

But I (Jessica) wasn't all by myself.
Or in high heels.
Or in a red dress.
And I was fully in control of my breathing.

I just really wanted to start this post like that because it's such a good song. And it's sung by our future husbands.

By our, I mean me and Erika. I don't have a multiple personality disorder.

And by me and Erika, I mean that we were REUNITED!!! SHE'S BACK IN MICHIGAN!!!! and sitting right next to me. right now. yup. that just happened.

So, this is what we did today. Prepare to be amazed.

#1 - We reminisced. We talked and looked at our senior yearbook. For the record, our spanish teacher was...so much fun. But really. That was a fun class, as was our yearbook class. Zobodos.
#2 - We ate. We went to Applebee's and got a free dessert for Erika's "20th birthday." We couldn't very well say it was her 21st when it wasn't. You know they would have checked up on us. We're too clever for that. Our waitress (Monique) has different colored eyes. Fascinating.

#3 - We went to our 2nd favorite place on earth. Walmart. Our Howell Walmart is far superior to the Walmart in Jackson, but we were disturbed by the lack of Camp Rock merchandise, so we scurried over to Target to get our fix. And a slushie.
#4 - We the went to Target to find our beloved Camp Rock Gear.

Here's proof:

#5 - We went to Blockbuster. I had to prove to Erika that the people I work with really exist. And she wanted to read the Rolling Stone article about the Jonas brothers. Here's an excerpt:
"I have waited to meet Nick Jonas my whole life!"
"How old are you?"

Music's in my soul. Apparently, it's in hers too.


James said...

The Jonas Brothers? *exasperated sigh*

... you too, eh?

Andrew said...

If you came down to the Target in Toledo, I could get you sweet deals cuz my sister works there. She works in the food place mostly, so possibly free slushies too.

But on second thought, I don't think I'd let you guys get the discount on Camp Rock and Jonas Brothers merchandise because I don't support bad music. Unless you are a former football player or Michael Bolton.

Andrew said...

And I forgot to add that I'm glad you guys write blogs. Without them, I wouldn't survive.