Jul 15, 2008

A Dollar Down and a Dollar a Week

Yeah. Unfortunately, that's almost my salary at Blockbuster.

But being nothing spectacular happened this week, I'm going to give my reviews of the movies that came out today that I got to see before all of you because I'm awesome.

#1 - Penelope (PG)

I'd have to give this movie 4 stars (out of 4, obviously). I love a good fairy tale, and this was as good as gets. It had a great plot and a great moral. I know learning lessons from movies is slightly lame, but this one had a great one. And I kind of think James McAvoy is a hottie. Not so much in this movie, but sometimes he is, so I can give bonus points for that. Basically, it's about a girl (Christina Ricci) who's cursed to have a pig nose until "one of her own kind" (socialites) can love her for who she truly is. She's kept hidden by her family, and when one of her suitors finally gets a look at her, no one believes what he says she looks like, so he pays a man (McAvoy) to get a picture of her so they can publish it and clear the suitor's name and reputation.

#2 - The Bank Job (R)

I'd give this one 3 out of 4. It was a pretty good plot and it's based on a true story about a bank robbery, but there was A LOT of sex and nudity and I was really embarrassed that I was watching that with my parents. Basically, unless you have a pretty good fast-forward button for those bad parts, this may be a movie to stay away from. That being said though, it was a good movie and starred Jason Statham, who is AWESOME, and it's set in England, so they call all criminals "villains." Ha. I pretty much loved that and wished I was British so I could say stuff like "villains." Moral of this story? Don't have sex out of wedlock, because it will come back to bite you in the butt at the worst possible moment.

#3 - Step Up 2: The Streets (PG-13)

I'd give this one 3 1/2 out of 4. As far as sequels go, this one was pretty solid. Channing Tatum was only in it for like 5 minutes, which was sad, but the new characters made up for his absence. The plot of this movie wasn't as strong as the original Step Up, but the dancing is much better and if you like break dancing even a little bit, you'll probably love this movie. Basically, this movie's about a girl who's about to be sent away from her friends and dance crew to live in Texas or something if she doesn't get her act together. She ends up going to the Marilyn School of the Arts (the school from the original movie) and creates her own crew to compete in the streets against her old crew that dumped her because she started going to a preppy school.

Some other movies came out too, but I didn't watch them because they looked lame (College Road Trip, Meet Bill). The movies I reviewed would be your best bet if you just want some good entertainment for under $5.

You're welcome ;)
- Jessica


Andrew said...

1) You stole my idea. I was going to do movie reviews on my blog.
2) Christina Ricci sucks
3) Jason Statham is sweet
4) Channing Tatum is the worst actor ever. I don't care how attractive you think he is, it's not worth watching his wretched awful acting skills.
5) You can pretend that you're British and say those words. Sometimes, I pretend I'm 100% Italian.

James said...

Step Up had a plot? Whoa. I must have totally missed it.

And I'll have to see The Bank Job now. I thought it was gonna be dumb (as dumb as a movie could possibly be with Statham, who is my hero), but it looks interesting now. Oh, and premarital sex is friggin intriguing.


kate.yo said...

jason stathom terrifies me. and. the new step up 2 guy and girl. not as hot as the originals. i should have submitted a tape of myself so i could have been in the movie. booooo.