Jul 20, 2008

Carolina Drama

Last Thursday, I (Erika) went to my first ever "meeting." It was an all-day long thing, so they took it "off-campus." We went to this vineyard in the mountains, and it was BEAutiful. The only downside of the location was the fact that the place didn't really have a conference room, so most of our meeting was in the wine cellar. Translation: FREEZING.

A lot of the day consisted of people giving presentations on how their marketing program has increased, how the company has increased, and some of the products they offer. Which, to be honest, a lot of the product part was waaay over my head cause it's all telecommunications stuff, and I don't know enough of the millions of acronyms they use to follow along.

It was a good day, despite getting lost on the way there. I got to talk to a bunch of the people in the office that I don't normally talk to, so it was nice getting to know them a bit. It's just a shame that this happened with only one more week of me working there. The other intern and I were also told that one of the big reasons we were hired is because we were the least likely to bring any drama with us. Heh. Clearly they don't know me. Just kidding.

After the presentations, they had a guy come in and give us this personality test. I was the only person in the entire department who scored as a "counselor." So that was kind of interesting to start out with. Here's the overview on what it means to be a counselor:

Counselors are kind, thoughtful, quiet listeners who are sensitive to the feelings of others and always take the time to offer a kind word.
People turn to counselors for help. They are perceived as forgiving persons who will listen without judging. They are mostly passive and avoid telling others how to fix their problems.

Mmmm... Yeah, I'd say that describes me. I scored second highest as a "rock." Those are the only 2 categories that had more than... 10 (I think) points. So I'm a pretty solid rock. Hahaha - pun intended. I'm so cool. Here's what it means to be a rock:

Rocks use a controlled, casual style of communication that focuses on getting the message across. They focus more on the message content than on the manner in which it is delivered.
Rocks are easy-going team players who avoid interpersonal conflicts and focus on getting the work out. They build relationships based on trust by consistently doing what's right for the customer and their organization whether or not it benefits them personally.

So. There ya have it - I'm a Counselor/Rock.
And on a totally seperate, unrelated note - if you haven't seen The Dark Knight yet, do it.
Do it now - 5, 4, 3, 2....1. NOW! (also, if you don't watch The Office, do that as well)


Andrew said...

Haha. You drama queen.

And it's fitting that you were in a wine cellar. Cuz you were an alcoholic as a child.

Glad you had some fun. And that you're a good Rock Counselor.

And The Dark Knight. Second best movie ever.

Anonymous said...

that mos def describes you e$! also glad to hear about the office life again lol....i really miss you and so glad i can hear about this every so often....(well its over now but you know what i mean lol)

kate.yo said...

you are my counselor. also, you rock. and surprise - i have seen the new batman. one movie i've actually seen. holllla!