Jul 10, 2008

Everything's Not Lost

Don't worry, everyone.

My book finally came.

And I almost hugged the mail carrier.


I also got my hair cut today. I don't have any fabulous pictures of it yet, but I didn't want you all to clamor for a picture, so I took a semi-ok one, just for you guys.

And then, I got The Prestige, Stardust, and Sydney White on sale at Blockbuster.

All in all, I think it was a pretty good day. Now I'm gonna go do some pilates.

Peace out.

- Jessica


Erika said...

the prestige. SO jealous.

James said...

Agree. The Prestige is pretty awesome.

Andrew said...

You know how you hear about women who have affairs with their mailmen? I wonder if it's cuz they get so excited about packages or letters they receive.

That's just what I thought about when you said you almost hugged him.

kate.yo said...

looks like you're having a lot of fun with your new hair.

also, have you ever heard the expression, "have you hugged your local mail carrier lately?"