Jul 21, 2008

Can't Lose 2 Tha Game

Well, this week is pretty much not exciting if you want a million movies to be released.

However, if you want just one good movie to be released, then this is a pretty great week, because the movie "21" is finally on DVD.

21 (PG-13)

Someone once told me that this movie was a lot like Ocean's 11. They were lying. Or at least they were wrong for a number of reasons.

#1 - This is actually based on a real story about students scamming Vegas while counting cards. Sweet.
#2 - It's about average looking college students. Not criminals who look really hot. And I think that it's more geared at college students/teens rather than for anyone older.
#3 - The plot isn't based on revenge. Revenge takes place, but it's not the main plot.
#4 - It's not as good or as clever as Ocean's 11, but it was a pretty good movie anyway. Especially if you aren't comparing it to the Ocean's movies.

This movie is pretty solid. I liked it a lot. It's not going on my Christmas list, but it's definitely a good one to see at least once.

On a separate note, a new trailer came out for Twilight, so obviously, I had to share it because I'm TOTALLY PUMPED for it to come out!!

Lastly, I agree with Erika. If you haven't seen The Dark Knight yet, you need to otherwise everyone will ruin the plot for you or you might just end up socially crippled.

Lator Gator.



Andrew said...

Eh. I'm still not sold on Twilight. Looks like it has potential, but I'm bound to be disappointed by it.

But yes. The Dark Knight. Just Ah. Speechless. Ah.

Erika said...

I don't like how the second I write a blog, you write one... always one-upping me...

and I heard that 21 in real life was waaaaay different than the movie. the only difference i remember was that in real life they were all asian.

James said...

The asian thing makes sense. Heh.

And with everyone in the entire universe talking about Dark Knight every chance they get for the past week-- I almost don't want to see the movie anymore. It doesn't matter if it makes me socially crippled at this point =P