Jul 7, 2008

We Have the Facts and We're Voting Yes

Ok. I (Jessica) stole this from one of James' friend's blogs, but I thought it was really interesting. There's this site that you can go and take a survey and from those limited results, it tells you who you'd be interested in voting for.


And these were my results:

1. Theoretical Ideal Candidate (100%)

2. Stephen Colbert (campaign halted) (70%)

3. Chuck Hagel (not running) (63%)

4. Duncan Hunter (withdrawn, endorsed Huckabee) (63%)

5. Sam Brownback (withdrawn, endorsed McCain) (63%)

6. Mike Huckabee (withdrawn) (62%)

7. John McCain (59%)

8. Mitt Romney (withdrawn, endorsed McCain) (59%)

9. Tom Tancredo (withdrawn, endorsed Romney) (57%)

10. Alan Keyes (withdrawn) (56%)

11. Newt Gingrich (says he will not run) (51%)

12. Jim Gilmore (withdrawn) (50%)

13. Tommy Thompson (withdrawn, endorsed Giuliani) (49%)

14. Fred Thompson (withdrawn) (46%)

15. Bob Barr (46%)

16. Ron Paul (concedes nomination not possible) (45%)

17. Rudolph Giuliani (withdrawn, endorsed McCain) (44%)

18. Michael Bloomberg (says he will not run) (43%)

19. Wayne Allyn Root (is now Bob Barr's running mate) (42%)

20. Al Gore (not announced) (41%)

21. Hillary Clinton (defeated, endorsed Obama) (40%)

22. Kent McManigal (campaign suspended) (37%)

23. Wesley Clark (not running, endorsed Clinton) (36%)

24. Joseph Biden (withdrawn) (33%)

25. Barack Obama (32%)

26. John Edwards (withdrawn) (32%)

27. Bill Richardson (withdrawn, endorsed Obama) (31%)

28. Christopher Dodd (endorsed Obama) (27%)

29. Dennis Kucinich (withdrawn) (27%)

30. Alan Augustson (campaign suspended) (24%)

31. Mike Gravel (withdrawn) (19%)

32. Ralph Nader (18%)

33. Elaine Brown (withdrawn) (16%)

Who knew? I mean, it's a limited survey and it doesn't go into all of the issues, but it makes you decide about most of the major issues.

And it took up 15 minutes of my time. 15 minutes of non-boredom means 15 minutes of time well spent. :)


James said...

Aha, Stephen T. Colbert. Strongly agree.

Though, I have to take the quiz myself sometime.

Ted said...

Romney adds a net nothing to the ticket; his negatives at least approximate the positives.

McCain NEEDS Alaska Gov Sarah Palin (if he wants to win in November) — whose positives are too numerous to mention here (with no negatives).

– and don’t cite Palin’s lack of experience, since she’s got 10 times that of Obama!!!

Brian said...

taht made me laugh out loud that stephen colbert was so high on that

Anonymous said...

Well, Ted, you should be pleased at the news today.