Aug 3, 2008


Well. It's official. 
I (Erika). Am. Home. :)

It's nice. As great as South Carolina is, I've missed good ol' Michigan. I figured the best way for me to get my point across is to make some lists. :) Gotta love the lists. 

First, things I missed about Michigan when I was in SC: 

1. My friends and family - duh. 
2. The weather - Ok. I know this one might seem kind of shocking, but it got HOT in South Carolina, and it's nice to be able to be outside for more than 5 minutes w/o being covered in sweat. 
3. Watching sports - In South Carolina all they care about is college sports: Clemson and USC (not University of Southern California, it's University of South Carolina). So I have definitely experienced a Tigers, Pistons, Red Wings withdrawal.
4. The sunsets - Michigan has some of the best sunsets. I realized it's because it is cloudy here... a lot. So that can be a bummer sometimes... but they make for great sunsets. In South Carolina, they don't get clouds very often. 
5. The drivers - down south... they don't drive very well. I know that's a generalization... but it's true. For the most part. We may drive fast up here, but at least we know what we are doing. My dad says it's cause they watch too much Nascar - they drive like they're coming out of the pits. 

Ok. Now for things I'm going to miss about South Carolina:

1. Family (including my dog). Duh. 
2. Working at NuVox. I really enjoyed it there, and my last day was surprisingly sad. 
3. The weather. Even though it was insanely hot sometimes, I will admit that it is nice seeing the sun everyday. 
4. The gas prices. It was funny... being up here, driving around with Jessica, she said that it was nice to see the gas prices coming back down. At $3.89. In South Carolina, $3.89 was expensive gas... I think that's the highest it got all summer. 
5. The scenery. Mountains = Beautiful.

So... fairly short lists, I know. But, give me a break - my cousin got married last night... and I'm tiiiiired. 

Oh. and one thing I'm NOT going to miss about South Carolina - Seeing these: 

 Gross. I know. They call them Palmetto Bugs. But don't be fooled, it's definitely a cockroach. 
Aaannnd - I'll leave you all w/ that lovely image. 


Jessica said...

that's disgusting. why would you put a picture of that up to torture me with? sick.

i got your birthday present today :) when can i give it to you?

Andrew said...

A short list of my own:
1) So glad you're back.
2) It's almost good that you haven't been able to see the Tigers. They've been very frustrating. To me at least.
3) Hopefully you'll enjoy your next job as much as NuVox. Glad you liked it.
4) Gas - grrrrr
5) The Palmetto Bug is the largest form of the common cockroach in the world. It's territory stretches as far up as the northeast U.S. to Montreal and Toronto and southcentral Canada and supposedly originated from Africa.

James said...

Man, I would take that heat over snow ANYDAY. But I remember one day when I was little, in Florida, when my nintendo melted because it was a bazillion degrees. Very sad day.

And amen to Baden's Tigers comment. Very frustrating.

kate.yo said...

that's sick. it made me want to kill myself. roaches are prevalent in sydney. all the beautiful places are plagued by mutant insects. :(