Jun 4, 2008

Stop and Stare

One more week.

But that means one more week of memories.

Here's a recap of what's happened this past week:

- We had to take cab to Gygne Ju and a cab driver cussed at us in Korean. He didn't know that Amanda knew how to translate though, but to summarize, we're "Fat American B******" and then pretty much all of the other words were thrown in there too.
- We went to a palace, and Amanda and I were chillin' and all of a sudden, we were MOBBED by middle school Korean kids. They loved us and said they wanted to marry us. When Kris joined us, one of the boys pointed at me and him and then said "kissy, kissy!" For the record, we did not give into peer pressure.
- Some of the middle school boys dress like Kanye West and wear those RIDICULOUS shutter shade sunglasses. One boy was even wearing suspenders.
- We have gone to Outback Steakhouse 3 times now :)
- Kris had an allergic reaction to something and got all hopped up on Benadryl, which he had never taken before. He's fine now.
- We went to a Buddhist temple and saw a monk get rushed to the hospital because he passed out.
- We found hobbit holes that were actually tombs for kings. But they seriously looked like hobbit holes.
- Walter broke a wall, and to quote Dave, "Relics! You're ruining antiquities! They're hundreds of years old!"

That's really all I can remember right now. We head out to Busan tomorrow where we'll go to the beach and we'll see a Korean baseball game (hopefully the weather picks up, because it's CRAP right now). Then it's back to Seoul andthen back home.

I can't wait to eat some homemade chocolate chip cookies :)

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Anonymous said...

first off, i love the title..second...haha thats a funny korean..maybe it wouldnt be so funny if it happened to me... and it doesnt surprise me that you saw kids lookin like kanye....but suspenders haha...i dont know when your last day is but i know that someone else is done in seven days... miss ya jellens!