Jun 18, 2008

Big Rock Candy Mountain

Ok, Jessica's in Aruba.
Let's all take a moment and be insanely jealous of her.







Well that was fun. Time to get back to the lives of people who don't travel the world in a span of 4 weeks. Like me.

My internship. I promised I would update when I had something to report. And I do, now that I've been working there for 3 days. It's pretty alright so far. I've gotten to do a logo, and some graphics for their website, so those were fun. But the downside is, I still have to do typical intern-y type stuff like putting information about their company into 500 water bottles for the baseball game they are sponsoring. And make spreadsheets w/ all the info on how well their website is doing. But, you win some you lose some. And it's still better than Dairy Queen. :)

For Father's Day this year, my dad, sister and I went to this place called Stoney Mountain in Georgia. And it was super cool. This mountain... is a big rock. Literally. We took a skyride up to it, and we could see for miles around - Atlanta looked sweet. (Brian, if you happen to read this, yes - I was right outside of Atlanta, I would have called you, but I figured you wouldn't really be interested in hanging out w/ my family all day).

After hanging out at the top of the mountain and watching the people who had walked up the mountain (haha, suckas - shoulda taken the sky rail), we walked down and checked out the festivities down there. Oh, I forgot to mention: there is a carving in the mountain too. It's kinda like the confederate version of Mount Rushmore except not quite as big. There's Robert E. Lee, Stonewall Jackson, and.... shoot, I can't remember. Google it if you want. Anyways, there was this thing called the Sky Hike, and that was super sweet - it was basically a high ropes course. I'd never been on one of those, but - like I said, super cool.

So that was the excitement that was Father's Day.

And that's that.

Oh. One more thing. In my short experience, the guys down south are much bolder than the guys up north.

And that's that.


Andrew said...

The third guy you're thinking of is Jefferson Davis.
And you are lazy for taking the sky rail. But cool for laughing at the people who didn't.

jbvshrek904 said...

doin some fancy work for that business...sweet deal... whats the bus. called? and mos def lazy i cant believe u lol... i would have done the same...

Anonymous said...

erika, i don't think you are lazy at all. in fact, you're the smartest person i know b/c you conserved your energy so you'd have more fun at the top of the mountain.

- Jessica

kate.yo said...

erika. you are constantly hit on by crazy guys. i'm sorry. and wow, kendall is really pretty and grown-looking.