Jun 21, 2008

Welcome to Detroit

Just once, I'd like to arrive at Detroit Metro on the same day that I was scheduled to arrive.

I hate delays.

Especially in the Miami airport, because it is FREEZING. Blech. I for sure peaced out Miami. Good riddance.

Ok. Not too much happened, but I want to tell you 2 things.

One, we saw the a man who could have straight up been the father of Beans, from the Disney Channel show, Even Stevens. It was incredible.

Two, a girl fell down the escalator and it was terrifying. I wanted to cry. Seriously.

You could see it coming from a mile away. She stepped on 2 steps at once and when the escalator went down, she kind of teetered, and then she tumbled - like somersaulted - all the way down.

I don't know how my dad made it down the side stairs that fast, but when my dad's on the move, you best be gettin' out of his way, because he's a colonel and he will take you out. No joke.

But he got down on the scene. The girl's skirt got stuck in the escalator and was dragging her into the crack between the floor and the stairs. Her shoe also got stuck and was being sucked into the bottom of the escalator. She was just laying like a rag doll, bleeding from her knees. They had to rip part of her skirt off in order to keep her from getting even more hurt.

Seriously. It was terrifying.

I mean, it could be funny - once it made it to America's Funniest Home Videos or something - but not today. Yikes.

She got up and was being tended to. She looked kind of dazed and they didn't stop the bleeding by the time I left. They called an ambulance, though, so at least she got taken care of.

So, that's pretty much it.

I'm home and it feels great.

Welcome to Detroit.


Andrew said...

Go Rocky!!!

And I'm glad that you're back. For good.

James said...

Escalator biff = epic.

kate.yo said...

ummmm... i have always been kind of afraid of that happening to me on an escalator. but i also kind of thought it never would. now i see the possibilities, and now i'm terrified.