Jun 16, 2008


1st of all, the fact that I (Jessica) knew this song title is due to Justin Slager. I guess he's not the worst. Today anyway. But he'll never know that b/c he doesn't read this blog.

So, today we went on a tour of the island and our bus driver was soooo funny! Everything he said was a mixture of Spanish and English. He said to us "My English not perfect - But I do it anyway."

See? Funny guy.

On top of that, while we were on the tour, some guy behind us honked at us and passed us, so naturally, my bus driver's reaction was to flip the guy the bird. Yessss.

He also asked us if we wanted to see his house, and my dad says yes. He then pulls up to this "house" that's 2 feet tall and about 4 feet wide. Seriously? :)

This guy just cracked me up. And you all know me when I crack up. It was uncontrolable. So at least it was just my family and the bus driver on the tour. But it was cool, b/c everytime I would laugh, the bus driver would say, "Good joke!" and start to laugh too. As soon as I get a chance, I'm gonna post a picture of me and my brother with him.

What a great guy (Still won't tap that, Andrew).

Back to the Spanglish thing, though...I just want you all to know that on a scale of 1-10, my 4 years in HS spanish has helped me out about a 1.33. Thanks, Riordan.

On a seperate note - Erika and Kate - the Olsen twins have gotten smaller. Ever since they went abroad for a couple weeks and ate less and exercised more, they dropped a couple sizes. If you haven't seen pictures yet, you will - they've lost weight for sure. Weird, huh?


jbvshrek904 said...

dont feel bad about the spanish..i too had 4 years and 1-10 im at 3 haha...see you make everyone feel better when you laugh like that!i havent heard it in awhile and im missing out..

Andrew said...

I bet he wasn't as funny as Kramer when he gave the Peterman Reality Tour on a bus. You would know that if you watched Seinfeld.

kate.yo said...

i'm glad you thought it was necessary i know about the olsen twins weight issues. also, his house!!! :)