Jun 15, 2008


Seriously. It's great here. This is honestly what the view from my window looks like.

I know you're jealous.

Because if I wasn't here experiencing this, I know I would be.

My number one goal while being here is to get an even tan for Justin's wedding (don't worry, Andrew. I'm wearing SPF 50 to avoid skin cancer).

But it's great being on the beach. Even thought it's REALLY hot, it's windy here. Not breezy. Straight up windy. That has it's ups and downs, but it keeps the hotness from becoming unbearable.

Not too many exciting things have happened thus far. Except that Taco Bell's here serve fries instead of the xtra soft taco in their value meals. It's weird, but it's ok. They even taste good dipped in the fire sauce.

So, I just want all of you to know that not only am I on the best beach in the world right now, but they've also shown High School Musical 2 and Hairspray on cable. Yesssss.


Andrew said...

Hopefully your tan will be even. And you won't be a 10 on one side, and a 0 on the other. Right now, I'm about a 6 on my back, and a 2 on my front. It's not pretty.

jbvshrek904 said...

sounds like ur having a great summer even w/o me haha jk....but it sounds really fun...ive been living vicariously through everyone elses fun..so ive been al over the world haha....