Jun 26, 2008

Chapel of Love

About a week ago, Erika and I were reunited.

And it was great. I miss my best friend a lot. A lot, a lot.

Erika was able to fly up from South Carolina for the weekend for the purpose of going to the wedding of Justin Slager and Laura Hawkins.

And that was also great.

To be honest, I wasn't all to worried about saying goodbye to a lot of my senior friends this school year because I knew that I'd see them at Justin's wedding. And I did. And it was great to see everyone. And to see Justin and Laura get married of course.

Their ceremony was beautiful and I totally want Pastor Mark to do my ceremony too. Justin (at least, I'm assuming it was Justin) put together a slide show of the couple before and after they met and it was super cute. And then the groomsmen "lost" Justin's ring. His face made it look like he didn't think it was that funny, which surprised me because he thinks just about everything is funny. I dunno. Maybe he thought it was funny and I was just sitting too far back to really know anything :)

Their reception was pretty hoppin' too. There was great food and cheesecake and line dancing. That was sooooo funny to watch.

As for the present that Erika and I got them, you won't understand it if you haven't seen The Office. We got them an exercise orb (red), a makeshift Jello mold, Jello, and scissors (to put in the jello in the jello mold and then eat them out and pop the exercise orb).

And yes. All of what we got them was on their registry.

Except the jello and scissors. No one in their right mind would put those on a registry. That was just our own creative touch.

So that's pretty much it. She's already back to SC and I'm bored again.

Not too much is interesting after South Korea and Aruba (yeah. i know i'm rubbing it in a bit...ok...maybe a lot). I'm waiting for my job to start back up at good old Blockbuster. Yay.


Brian said...

you should totally come down to atlanta. i cant promise you wont get shot if you go into the neighborhoods with me, but you will have a rockin time.

Brian said...

and erika you should come down here for the day or something. you are stinkin close!

Andrew said...

Now you can say that you are responsible for their improved sex life. Gross.