Nov 15, 2008

Wheel of the World

This post is really just a shout out to 3 of my new favorite guys. I'll be updating you on my past week in a later post...this is just gonna be the type of post that starts with me whining and then sighing with relief.

So. Back story.

This past week, I got deployed to strollers. Strollers at Magic Kingdom basically equals the hardest job at WDW for the worst pay. My heart goes out for the strollers people. They are so hardcore.

Back to the point.

I'm supposed to work in the castle.
I apply makeup and nail polish.
I am not strong enough to lift strollers on top of each other.
I belong in the kitchen...or something along that gender related role.

I am extraordinarily weak and I don't know how on earth I deserved this kind of bad karma.

All in all, had I not had Thomas, Diego, and Morgan there to save my life, I would have probably tried to scratch my own eyeballs out.

So, thank you Thomas,


and Morgan.

I pretty much love the three of you more than you even know.

So that's it for me whining. Sorry, but it had to be done.
Also, my phone died. Long story short, I owned 3 phones in less than 2 days.
I also think I'm allergic to Verizon Wireless...because they suck.

But don't worry. My life is great now.
I don't even want to scratch my eyeballs out anymore.
My eyes are too pretty for that ;)

- Jessica

1 comment:

Andrew said...

Geez. How many more things can Morgan have hanging from his neck?

And feminists probably hate you cuz you want to fulfill stereotypical gender roles.