Nov 19, 2008

Picture Perfect

As promised, I'm going to recap my last week for you when my aunt, uncle, and cousins came to visit. But being so much happened, I'm just going to give you the highlights of each day.

My phone broke. My uncle was trying to call me and I couldn't answer. This basically stressed me out to the max. They ended up forcing me to buy a new phone. I was not a happy camper. Once all of that was settled, I finally got a hold of my family and they took me out for a birthday dinner.

We went to my home - Magic Kingdom.
The best part of the day? My cousin Mitchell got chosen to take part of Captain Jack's Pirate tutorial. It was straight up awesome.
The worst part of the day? My phone broke. Again. I had to leave my family to go BACK to Verizon to get another phone. I wanted to kill something. But that wasn't all - and this is just speculation - but I had an allergic reaction to something (we're guessing Verizon) and I actually had to consider going to the hospital. Scary Larry. Don't worry, though. I benadryl'd it up and ended up being totally ok.

We went to my favorite park EVER - Disney's Hollywood Studios.
I met Caspian. Again. He's just so dreamy...I can't resist his charms.
I also got to go on the newest ride - Toy Story Midway Mania. It's a 4D ride (I know, it was terrifying and I was screaming my head off) and I totally schooled it. I got the highest score in the family. Excellent.

My family went to the beach and I rested all day. Mandy's family also happened to be in town at the exact same time as my family and they pitied my being away from family and friends this holiday season, so they made me Thanksgiving Dinner and a birthday cake. It was so awesome and we have soooooo many leftovers that I don't think we'll have to buy groceries for a couple weeks...

Busy day. We hit up Animal Kingdom and Epcot (and spent like 30 minutes outside of Magic Kingdom while I talked to stroller friends).
The best part of Animal Kingdom? The Kali River Rapids. We got totally soaked and it was awesome. I also had a lapse of judgment and went on Expedition Everest (AK's only roller coaster) and screamed like a little girl for the entire duration of the ride.

The best part of Epcot?
I got to dance with the Beast!!! I was in line with Belle and told her all about how the last time I met her she let me dance with the Beast and it was the best moment of my life. As I was leaving her line, the Beast walked up and I must have looked at her with the most forlorn look on my face because she grabbed my hand and brought me back to the front of the line. She told the Beast my story and he danced with me again. I love him.

So, that was pretty much my life this past week. I'm sick right now (blech), but it's ok because I just made waffles and I'm watching the Even Steven's Movie.

This is why I'm the best.

Peace out

Also, for a more complete look into my last week, here are two links to my facebook photo albums. Enjoy :)

2nd also.

This is waaaaay harder than they make it look. Just so you know.


kate.yo said...

i'm sorry that the computer made such a weird noise when i was on the phone with you the other day. technology is crazy! (like your cellphones.)

Anonymous said...

Where did you get the video from? I can see where you'd pick up some bruises and an achy body.

Andrew said...

You could do WAY better than the beast.

Anonymous said...

What makes a ride 4D? Looks like just about every day is a dream! Awesome!!!! JMD