Nov 26, 2008

Home on the Range

It's Thanksgiving break. And for that I (Erika) am... SO thankful.

These past couple weeks at school have just been so draining. School-work, work-work, extracurricular-work, scheduling-work.... just so much work. And then there's fun that needs to be had.

And then there is all that other stuff - roommates, the DC serving all their good food on one day and all bad food on another day, Jessica being not here, being stupid, and boys (goodness, haha).
All that to say - It's good to be home.

Reasons why I love being at home:

1. Timmy playing the drums for me. He can play almost the whole Switchfoot song "Meant to Live."

2. Being able to go out to lunch w/ Rebekah and watching movies like Aladdin w/ her.

3. Watching The Office and the Red Wings Stanley Cup DVD w/ Daniel (haven't done it yet, but we will).

4. Driving on the dirt roads. Ok. I don't really like this, but still - it's a sign that I'm home. Paved roads are totally overrated. ;)

5. Our backyard. 10 acres = pretty covered in snow.

6. Watching Spongebob Squarepants w/ Timmy and Rebekah and not having to worry (too, too much) about what homework I should be doing.

7. Telling my mom all about my life. And Kate's life. :)

8. Having a better internet connection than at school.

9. Daisy - she's so cute.

10. Being able to finally catch up on Heroes.

11. Toby - hahaha. I love tormenting our cat.

12. Watching Elf (again, hasn't happened yet, but it will)

13. Space heaters. Haha.

14. Free laundry! :)

15. Drinking hot chocolate w/ Rebekah.

16. Being able to watch or listen to sports games w/ Daniel.

17. Playing the Wii

18. Hearing all the crazy stories that I miss when I'm at school. (Crazy hunters on our property...)

19. Watching Seinfeld w/ Daniel and my mom.

20. Eating non-DC food!

Being at school is so much fun. But being at home is spectacular as well. And I was soooo ready to be home. :)

And hey! Thanksgiving is tomorrow!! Eat turkey and be merry, everyone!
Ok, Peace out.


Andrew said...

So basically I've been doing the same things as you have since I got home.

Your cat is named Toby. It deserves to be tortured.

And I'm kinda perturbed that I haven't watched the Championship DVD either. I did buy it for you...

Jessica said...

watch heroes so we can taaaaaalk!

kate.yo said...

andrew has been doing the same things as you. hmmm. that's weird that he hangs out with your siblings while at home. whatever.
also, i'm glad your mom needs to know my life. i'm also glad i'm a nerd that acts like your mom and tells you to be safe on the roads. that is all (finally).