Nov 14, 2008

Hole In My Head

It's been kind of a while since I (Erika) updated... and lots of things have happened. Good and bad. So, the best way to go about this, naturally is to make lists. :) 

List #1 - things that kind of made me want to shoot myself (in no particular order): 
1. Not knowing who comments on my blog - "This one time..." Who are you??
2. Painting. I'm not very good at it... and it's frustrating. 
3. Senioritis. Bad, bad, bad. 
4. Not being able to say "no" when people ask me to do stuff for them. 
5. Being sick and losing my voice for like.... 5 days. 
6. Jessica being in Florida. 
7. Never being able to take naps. 
8. Typography - especially Dreamweaver and Flash. 
9. Cold weather. 
10. Rainy weather. 
11.U of M and the Lions losing a billion games each. 
12. The Pistons trading Chauncey for AI. I know it's good for the future... but still. I don't like AI.
13. Making plans for Christmas - stressful. 
14. Research.
16. Britney Spears - seriously? "Womanizer" = worst song ever written.

But, hey! Guess what! Despite all those things that kind of make me want to shoot myself, God is good cause He gives me more things that make me happy. :) 

List #2 - Reasons I will never ever shoot myself (in no particular order): 
1. I got a good grade on my last painting and felt really good about it!
2. Happy Hippies.
3. Still having Core reunions in my Senior year. (Bobby Pratt = officially the best core leader ever). 
4. Getting my voice BACK.
5. Cell phones and free IN talking so I can talk to Jessica almost every day. 
6. Little Miss and Mr. books. 
7. Art shows.
8. Warm weather in November!!!
9. Making a significant amount of money from the LINK concert for African babies. 
10. The Red Wings winning a billion games, and Hossa playing like an all-star (despite the loss to Pittsburgh - uunnggh). 
11. People liking my poster designs.
12. Making plans for Christmas - stressful, but it's making me excited. :)
13. Macs. So superior to PCs. 
14. Mugs from Sacred Grounds, Coffee Connections, and the little ceramics shop in North Carolina.
15. AG Silver - proof that superstars are not better than non-superstars. Seriously, 110% better than 90% the stuff they play on hit stations.
16. The Office, Heroes, and Friends.
17. Coffee Connections going great.
18. Code names. 
19. Let's Network and the people involved.
20. Talking to Jessica on the phone. I know. I already said that. But I just love her so much it needs to be stated twice. 
21. Speaking of great friends. Kate really makes my life complete. 
22. Lay's Barbeque chips. 
23. Camping. Ok. I know I haven't been camping in a long time, but people have been talking about it and I really can't wait to go... sometime when it's not cold anymore. 
24. Scarves. Probably the best thing about the cold. 
25. Erin being able to spend more time w/ us this year and watching her plan her wedding. 
26. My Detroit Tigers bracelet. And my bracelets from Mexico and Aruba. I love my bracelets.
27. Facebook stalking. Ahahaha. Yes. ;)
28. Pickles. And Pickle time.
29. Singing random songs really badly with Kate.
30. And last but not least..... Chap stick. What would I do without it? :) 

That's about that. Don't worry. I won't shoot myself. The good list is longer than the bad list... and it could have been even longer, but I have to get to homework. Blargh. 

Ok. Peace out. 


Andrew said...

Just say no to people. Seriously Erika.
I know Michigan loses alot. But we figured out that you are the key to stopping that.

Hossa is officially better than I ever expected. Too bad there's no way we're going to be able to re-sign him.

And I thought you didn't need chapstick cuz you just tap your fingers on your lips? Hopefully you remember that conversation and this isn't too weird.

Jessica said...

i love you too.

and miss you desperately.

don't worry - we'll soon be reunited and SAU won't know what hit them :)

kate.yo said...

remember that song ABOUT britney? "britney, i'm sorry for what they say about you...." whatever it was. SO about her! hahaha.

James said...

A "man" once said...