Nov 7, 2008



I'm so sorry it's been about a million years since I've written on here. Don't worry - I'll make it up to you with a novel of a post.

Chapter 1

So, Halloween (fun fact - that's Kris' favorite holiday) has come and gone. I saw some great costumes being that I worked Mickey's Not So Scary Halloween Party (Johnny Depp was again in attendance, but alas. I did not see him this time). Obviously, any Disney costume was fair game. I saw lots of Troys and Gabriellas (and parents were THRILLED that I actually knew who they were dressed up as. See? It pays to be obsessive about High School Musical. Score), LOTS of Captain Jacks, Cruellas...

But some of the best I saw were as follows:

#1 - Atomic Wedgie Boy. Unfortunately, being I was working, I didn't get pictures, but I googled some so that you could get a mental picture...this kid was like 8 years old and I was laughing so hard that I couldn't breathe. Mad props to this kid...and he looked a lot better than the fellow in this picture...

#2 - Nerd boy. Basically, picture any description I ever gave you from the boy who's in my class, but add a propeller to the hat.

#3 - The Jolly Green Giant. Some man dressed up like this and painted himself green. It just seemed a tad bit extravagant to me...

#4 - This one was a bit of a combo...I was hosting a limbo game and this kid dressed as a New York Yankee went through...then two kids later, a Boston Red Sox kid went through. I of course yell, "Oh no! Not the Red Sox and Yankees together!" The 2 kids then pretended to get into a fist fight. They were like 7 years old. It was precious/slightly terrifying for me in the sense that if it turned into a real fight, I'd probably get fired for instigating such things. Oops...

#5 - I saw a mom turn her stroller into a tepee and she dressed her daughter as Tiger Lilly from Peter Pan. The dress was ho-hum, but the fact that she transformed the stroller was what caught my attention. Brilliant.

Chapter 2

For my class, we had to go to the mall and check out different stores and analyze their layouts and what not. Then we had to combine 2 of the stores to make a mega store. We decided to combine a sports store with a makeup store. I know it sounds lame, but it's a class's a couple pics of my group...I know, I'm a pimp.

And here's a picture of Jeff trying to get fresh with me. I was not having it.

I believe that I punched him after this picture was taken...

Chapter 3

This week and next week, all Florida Disney employees get 50% off of all merchandise. SCORE. This was the shirt I almost got for Andrew, but didn't because the front of it could be misconstrued for...something else...

Thanks to Mandy for modeling for me. We basically spent a ton of money. But it's ok.

Because we met Caspian again!

And speaking of Caspian, this little British boy asked me if I fancied him. I replied that I indeed did.

Chapter 4

I had to throw away my ipod blaster. I kind of wanted to run it over with my car, but I just threw it away instead. Rats. I really miss music in my life. I don't know what I'm going to do next week, because I'm SUPER pumped for the new Taylor Swift CD.

And speaking of Taylor Swift, check out the MAJOR diss that she dissed Joe Jonas with (forward to 4:10-4:50 for comments....)

Ouch. He should have known better than to hurt know she's totally gonna write a song about it...She's Taylor Swift and that's what she does :)

Chapter 5

My family's coming next week!!! And so is Mandy's!

And by my family, I mean my aunt, uncle, and their 3 kids...but I'm sooo pumped to see someone actually related to me for the holidays!! I'm working on giving away my work shifts (because my managers wouldn't give me time off) so that I can hang with them a ton...I'm pretty much pumped to the max.


On top of that, when Mandy's mom comes, she's going to make us Thanksgiving dinner and a birthday cake for me! YAY!!

Chapter 6

Buterface is getting married. I know you already knew that, being you've read Erika's previous blog...and she asked me to be in her wedding. Yes. I love actually being able to talk about wedding stuff with her and not totally freak out Matt when we talk about stuff like that...


That's basically my life right now. Sorry I've deprived you of it for so long.

- Jessica


Andrew said...

Hmmm. Idk if Joe is good for Erika. Not that I supported it anyways.

And that Star Wars shirt inspired me to wear mine today.

Caspian looks like he's sick of you.

I hope you have fun with your family!!!

Erika said...

thanks for that picture. i appreciated it, you pimp. ;)

E said...

Poor Yoda too short to ride. A sad day if even a jedi master can't go on the roller coasters. Do you think he has to sit in a booster chair as well?

paul the wall said...

Jonas Brothers are gay!!!!

Anonymous said...

Does Andrew ever write anything nice? Did you hear about the new birthday car that one of the Jonas brothers got? Expensive....

erin said...

1) Great blog!
2) Great pic of the 2 of us!
3) When that guy was 'getting fresh' with you, you totally looked like you loved it. Just admit it. It's okay. :-)
4) I love talking wedding stuff with you!!!
5) I hope you have tons of fun with your family!
6) I love you and miss you LOTS!!!!

kate.yo said...

you should have let him get fresh with you.
i would have.
but. i guess that's the difference between you and me.